Run Away † This Isn't Heaven
Unreleased Studio Album by Ryan Montgomery
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2012 (Unfinished)
Genre Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Rock
Language English
Label Montgomery Records
Producer Ryan Montgomery
Run Away † This Isn't Heaven is an unreleased studio album by British singer-songwriter & producer Ryan Montgomery. It was due to be released in November 2012, on his own distribution label Montgomery Records, but was cancelled on 7th July 2012.

Prior to its cancellation, Montgomery had released the album's lead single, This Isn't Heaven, to iTunes and other digital stores. Furthermore, he had unveiled several demos and instrumentals, via the SoundCloud service and YouTube.

Background & RecordingEdit

Shortly after the release of his debut instrumental album, "Heading Out", in February 2012 Montgomery announced that he was writing a vocal album, to be released that year. He recorded the first song for the record with friend & producer Michael Horner, in late March 2012; the song, entitled "This Isn't Heaven", was uploaded to YouTube the following month. Throughout April and May 2012, Montgomery recorded several demos, and released the mixtape "Divine" to Soundcloud, containing some of these rough tracks.

Release & CancellationEdit

On 12th June 2012, Montgomery released a remix of "This Isn't Heaven" to iTunes and other digital stores. However, on 7th July 2012, the album - which was due to be released in November - was cancelled; Montgomery cited "creative confinement" as one reason, going on to say that the album was "...announced but one I've barely started to record". It was confirmed on October 6th, 2012, that "This Isn't Heaven" will be removed from stores in late 2012.

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