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Weird Al - 01
Weird Al - 02
Weird Al - 03

Founded: b. 1959 Headquarters: Lynwood, CA

Website Link(s): Official Site // Official MySpace




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Weird Al is the most successful comedy artist ever, particularly in an era where comedy records don't sell like they used to. He's most known for his parodies of popular songs (like Beat It), although his albums are half-or-more original songs. He also typically puts a polka medley of popular songs on each record (only two haven't got one -- "Weird Al" Yankovic and Even Worse). He's made a film and had his own Saturday Morning TV show. He's also directed music videos for himself as well as Ben Folds, Hanson and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and produced tracks for other artists. He's currently working on a new record.





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