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'Til Someone Loses An Eye - The Safety Tips Compilation
by Superpickle
Label Superpickle
Producer Irving


  1. Mailbox - My Uncle And The Goons
  2. GST Mugwump - The Rubber Policeman
  3. Wendy - No Swimming
  4. Jay's Booming Hat - The Job Song
  5. Them Ickies - I Used To Have Fun But Now I Have You
  6. Archbishop Jason Polland - Pumpernickel Pie
  7. Joe And The Chicken Heads - Poopsickle
  8. Mailbox - Bugs
  9. Mailbox - What Is Lissa Walking?
  10. Jay's Booming Hat - Big Ass Truck
  11. Jay's Booming Hat - Driving Man
  12. Mailbox - The San Antonio - West Virginia Energy Malaprop Incident
  13. Hot Cinnamon Roll - Next Stop...My Dick
  14. Wendy - Where We Were Going
  15. The Von Stiens - Girls Get Crazy
  16. Joe And The Chicken Heads - Sheez Bawl
  17. Archbishop Jason Polland - Cud
  18. GST Mugwump - I Wanna Be A Plastic Lawn Flamingo
  19. Duncan Disorderly - Another One Bites The Dust
  20. Gazillion - Logic Song
  21. Mailbox - The Piano That Jack Filled (Part 1)
  22. Mailbox - Idle Hands (He Was Bored)
  23. Hence The Name - Fez Dispenser
  24. NSPS - The Last Cookie
  25. Joe And The Chicken Heads - Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Street
  26. Slurp Deluxe - Stop, Drop, & Roll
  27. GST Mugwump - Don't Stop On The Railroad Tracks
  28. Mailbox - Keep Sharp Objects Away From Children
  29. Duncan Disorderly - Don't Play With Matches
  30. Them Ickies - Don't Sit So Close To The Television
  31. Archbishop Jason Polland - Don't Drink And Drive
  32. Frozen Inertia - When Using A Chainsaw
  33. Hence The Name - The Stuff In The Medicine Cabinet Is Not Candy
  34. Wendy - Don't Do Swimming For At Least An Hour After Eating
  35. Mental Conspiracy - Wear Your Bike Helmet
  36. Field Trip - Don't Run On The Side Of The Pool
  37. The Banters - Learn The Heimlich Manuver
  38. Chris Combs - Smoke Detector
  39. Jay's Booming Hat - Don't Walk Alone Late At Night Without A Pal
  40. Ersatz Glow - Don't Pet Wild Animals
  41. High Fructose Corn Syrup - Running With Scissors (The Sharp Part)
  42. Bereft - Don't Put Metal In The Microwave
  43. Gazzillion - Never Play Baseball With A Hornet's Nest
  44. Jason Irvin's Vehicle - Lift With Your Knees (Not Your Back)
  45. Raymond & Scum - Don't Talk To Strangers
  46. The Fisticuffs - Don't Play In Old Refrigerators
  47. NSPS - Always Wear Bright Clothing When Walking At Night
  48. Brad Anders - Don't Paint Your Bike In The Garage
  49. The Von Steins - Get A Rabies Shot
  50. Hot Waffles - Buckle Your Seatbelt
  51. Poingly - Don't Play With Guns
  52. Johnny Romania - Don't Inhale Noxious Fumes

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