Éva Gauthier (Ottawaseptember 20, 1885 - 20 december 1958) was a Canadian mezzo-soprano and voice teacher.

Gauthier was enjoying her musical training in Europe in Paris and Milan. She performed in various opera since 1909 's on in Italy. After being in 1910 was replaced at the last moment before a performance in Convent Garden in London, she traveled to Dutch East Indies where they in June 1911 with François Menno Kadu, which they knew from Milan, married. On Java hit Gauthier in the spell of the Oriental music and together with Paul Seelig she learned the Javanese song with which they later made furore. In 1915 , she returned to North America and her marriage to Kadu was officially disbanded in 1918 .

Gauthier performed especially in Aeolian Hall in New York with works by Maurice RavelIgor Stravinsky and Charles Griffes. In 1920 she went to Paris where she became friends with Ravel, Erik Satie and Les Six making them also more performances got. With mainly French work she toured in the United States and also combined this slowly with work of American composers. She also ventured briefly to jazz music. End 20s she stopped occur if they still occasionally occur until 1937. They focused mainly on teaching and also opened a music studio in New York.

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