Óli Jógvansson (in English often spelled Oli Jogvansson), born 1969 in Tórshavn) is a Faroese songwriter/composer. He is the co-owner of Baroli Music, which he and Bardur Haberg founded in 2006. They have been successful in writing songs for singers from many different countries. They have composed/produced together with others songs for Disney Channel artists like Stefanie Scott, Dove Cameron, and Caroline Sunshine.[1]

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Some of the songs, which Jogvansson has co-written:

  • 2014: " Voyage" winning the instrumental category in (composed)
  • 2014: I Don't Wanna Let You Go single for artist Stefanie Scott
  • 2013: Theme song for Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie (co-written/produced).[2] A full version of the song (titled "Better in Stereo") was also released. The music video for the song was released on Disney's VEVO YouTube channel (23 million views as of January 2015) and aired on Disney Channel for about 3 months. The song also reached #4 on the US "Soundtrack" iTunes chart and was #1 on the "Kid Digital" Billboard chart for 3 consecutive weeks (it has spent a total of 23 weeks on that chart as of April 1, 2014).
  • 2013: Future Sounds like us from the album Shake It Up: I Love Dance, written together with Bardur Haberg, Michelle Lewis and Heidi Rojas. Performed by Dove Cameron.[3]
  • 2012: A New Low by Iris Kroes, the winner of The Voice of Holland in 2012
  • 2012: FYI single for artist Stefanie Scott
  • 2012: Can't Break What's Broken from the album Loving This Day, performed by Jessica Clemmons[4]
  • 2011: Girl I Used To Know single for artist Stefanie Scott
  • 2011: High - co-written. On Brazil Top 10 album DNA by Brazilian female singer Wanessa, released in July 2011 by Sony Music Entertainment.
  • 2011: Voglio Star Con Te single for Italian boyband Studio 3
  • 2011: Let's Fly Away - No Me Without You - Nothing I Won't Do for Chinese artist Ruhan on the album Time To Grow

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