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by F-A-K-E
Released October 13, 2006
Label NGRC Productions
Producer F-A-K-E
F-A-K-E chronology
Volume Uno: Tha Beggining 13-66 No Introduction


13-66 is the debut mixtape from F-A-K-E and the 2nd side-project (1st to be thought up) from The Non-Gank Reckin' Crew. F-A-K-E claims the cover name was created w/ his age (13) and his zip code postal service (66), thus bringing both toghether and 13-66. The OFFICIAL due date is Friday the 13th on October. (10/13/06)Many changes have gone over the publication and many may still change so this is a "as-of" playlist.


  1. Intro- Freestyle Motive
  2. Hard-Core Rhymin'
  3. Fuck Tha World
  4. Girls
  5. Everyday (ft. AJG)
  6. The Real Life Freestyle
  7. Interlude - Never Cared
  8. Never Cared
  9. Back To Hell
  10. AJG Vs. F-A-K-E
  11. Callin' You Out
  12. Never Enough For You
  13. Purple Haze
  14. How It Is
  15. Interlude - The Mo' Fuckin' South Side
  16. Rap (ft. Southside Hustla)
  17. Climbin' Hills
  18. I'm Placid
  19. Never Endin' (ft. Drip-Drop)
  20. Encore (ft. AJG & CLB)
  21. Coming Back Soon (Outtro)

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