Artist: 13 & God

Date Released: May 3, 2005

Label: Anticon/Alien Transistor


  1. Low Pasta
  2. Men of Pasta
  3. Ghost Pasta
  4. Perfect Pasta
  5. After Pasta
  6. Soft Pasta
  7. Pasta
  8. SuperPasta on Pesto
  9. Walking Pasta


Collaborations can be hit or miss. This one is a very good shot at the target, but just left of the bullseye. Born during a doomed North American tour headlined by Anticon’s atmospheric free-rap trio Themselves (Doseone, Jel and Dax [who sadly was recently paralyzed in a Subtle tour bus accident]) and German glitch-pop pioneers, The Notwist, the newly meshed super-group collaborated effortlessly until they spit out what sounds like The Notwist, version 2.0. The album features a solemn and introspective sound, accompanied by pop hooks and sing-a-long choruses. It is way more grounded than most of Doseone’s stuff, and more acoustic sounding than most of The Notwist’s early music. It almost sounds like the child of a small classical symphony and an emotional electronica artist with tendency to write pop songs. The tracks, for the most part, go back and forth as far as front-man is concerned; Doseone sings on one, then Markus Archer on the next, but when they share the spotlight, the band really excels. It is an interesting album, but falls short of essential. I hope that if this is not the only collaboration between the groups, the follow-up will be a bit more experimental in a jazz sense. Michael Ardaiolo

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