Artist: Fugazi

Date Released: 1989

Label: Dischord

Produced By: Ted Niceley and John Loder


  1. Waiting Room
  2. Bulldog Front
  3. Bad Mouth
  4. Burning
  5. Give Me The Cure
  6. Suggestion
  7. Glue Man
  8. Margin Walker
  9. And The Same
  10. Burning Too
  11. Provisional
  12. Lockdown
  13. Promises

(Tracks 1 to 7 are taken from Fugazi; tracks 8 to 13 are taken from Margin Walker)


"You can't be what you were so you better start being just what you are." -- Fugazi, "Bad Mouth"

If your a lot like me, you occasionally find yourself incapable of sleeping and writing music reviews in the middle of the night. I hope not a lot of people are like me, cause then I won't even have to tell you about Fugazi's 13 Songs. Generally, I'm a minutiae junkie, but with Fugazi's 13 Songs I only need to know three things. One, Fugazi is one of the best Post-Hardcore Punk bands ever. Two, 13 Songs combines their first two EPs and is thirteen songs (and forty minutes) long. Three, Fugazi is Italian for "fake," and is typically used when refering to fake gems. I don't know why I need to know that third thing, it's just the sort of thing that helps me sleep at night.

Not that I can tonight, but that's okay, I've got 13 Songs, which has always struck me as sleep deprivation music, wether it's staying up all night, or driving to work too early, Fugazi is best understood when you're really tired. The music is minimal, and almost dreamy. it threatens harshness, but is always controlled, and the vocals are almost spoken. It sounds really good turned up loud when driving down the freeway.

Though these are studio recordings, I feel like I'm watching them play in a small club when I hear these songs. The first seven songs, the original "Fugazi" EP are slightly more catchy than the last six, the "Margin Walker" EP. Still the quality is superb across the disc. On the "Margin Walker" side "Burning Too" and "Promises" are stand out tracks, while "Fugazi" has "Waiting Room" "Bad Mouth" and "Suggestion."

The energy of "Waiting Room" draws us into the album and in its three minutes of punk perfection could justify the rest of disc being blank.

"Suggestion"'s coda, consisting of sparse drums and a poetic condemning of the audience as too complacent is one of those too perfect moments.

Well, I'm feeling tired, and I don't think I'll get a better description of Fugazi down on electric paper tonight. Just check 'em out, kiddies. - B Strand

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