Artist: The Residents

Label: East Side Digital

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Lizard Lady
  2. Semolina
  3. Hello Skinny / Constantinople
  4. Jailhouse Rock
  5. Where is She?
  6. Picnic in the Jungle
  7. Smelly Tongues
  8. Eloise
  9. Ship's A Goin' Down
  10. The New Machine
  11. Tourniquet of Roses
  12. Passing the Bottle
  13. Monkey and Bunny
  14. Theme from an American TV Show
  15. Man's World
  16. Walter Westinghouse
  17. Easter Woman
  18. Amber
  19. Red Rider
  20. Die in Terror
  21. The Coming of the Crow / Eva's Warning
  22. Cry for the Fire


Where the Residents live videos are typically lousy, their live albums (and their live shows themselves) are excellent. This is one of my favorites—it's a retrospective show, with new arrangements of their songs, typically a couple from every album, along with a few covers, a few side projects (some stuff from Title In Limbo and a Snakefinger song show up) and whatever else they felt like putting in the show. It's recorded pretty well, and they're good arrangements. I've heard rumors that Mark Mothersbaugh was a Resident for this tour—there's a little musical quote from "Jocko Homo" in the synth part to this version of "Eva's Warning", which I've always thought was a little nod to that. This is definitely an essential release, and a pretty good starter, actually. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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