1965 – Through the Looking Glass
Compilation album by Various artists
Released 1992 (UK)
Genre Rock
Label Imaginary Records (ILLCD 025)

1965 – Through The Looking Glass is a compilation album released by Imaginary Records in 1992.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Performing Artist Length
1. "Get Off My Cloud"  Richards, JaggerThe Playthings 5:54
2. "It Won't Be Wrong"  Gerst, McGuinnChapterhouse 1:55
3. "Eve Of Destruction"  Phil SloaneAngel Corpus Christi 3:46
4. "Shot In The Dark"  Henry ManciniThe Mind Robber 2:29
5. "Couldn't Get High"  The FugsThe Walking Seeds 4:14
6. "Norwegian Wood"  Lennon–McCartneyH.P. Zinker 2:07
7. "That Means a Lot"  Lennon–McCartneyTorn Memory 2:56
8. "College Psychology On Love"  The Churchmice11th Dream Day 2:52
9. "We Gotta Get out of This Place"  Mann, WeilThe Thunderbyrds 3:19
10. "Moonchild"  David A. GatesThe Stairs 2:33
11. "Ticket to Ride"  Lennon–McCartneySwirl 5:52
12. "Catch the Wind"  DonovanThe Bluebirds 3:56

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