Artists: Exampl & AJG (Rough Draft)

Song: 1st Day of Skool

Album: Rough Draft: An Arsenal/STUNT

Date Released: 8/28/07

Produced by: Exampl

Label: SB Records


This is the 1st official single from Rough Draft's An Arsenal album. The song is about a first day at school but with a twist. Exampl raps about waking up and falling back to sleep before realizing it's 12:00 in the afternoon and decides not to go to school. However the explicit version of the verse talks about a girl wanting to give Exampl oral sex. Exampl then has a state of mind with his "good" and "bad" conscience. Eventually he ends up siding with the "bad" side. AJG raps about waking up late and eventually ditching 1st, 2nd and 3rd period. The 3rd verse is a myspace conversation between AJG and Exampl about their day at school that their verse dosen't show. AJG talks about having sexual intercourse with a annonymous female named "Roxanne" while Exampl says he never went to school.


This being AJG's debut single on soundclick, it also became his 1st #1 sub genre hit and 1st top 50 soundclick song. the song managed to climb to #1 on the sub-genre and entering into #13 on the main, barely missing #10 which would've been considered a bigger hit on soundclick.


The video is shot in Rialto, CA and is seen throughout Exampl's house (for his 1st verse) and blue screen (2nd verse). It also has footage of Rialto High School. The 3rd verse consits of scenes of Exampl and AJG on their myspace accounts. Other bonuses to this video is an intro skit parodying Soulja Boy's "Crank That" and it features AJG & Exampl doing the "Soulja Boy" dance in Espanto's face. Espanto replies with "who's Soulja Boy and what the heck is that dance!?" while AJG & Exampl reply "WHO'S SOULJA BOY!?" (reference to Soulja Boy's "Crank That" video). It also features a parody of San Antonio rapper Black Ice's weird stuff franchise of Milk Chug and has AJG pouring a whole gallon of milk on himself.

A bonus video for "Still On Top" can be seen at the end of the video. The video in total is a little over 7 minutes and can be viewed on AJG's myspace page.


Only the explicit version will appear on Rough Draft's album whereas the edited version will be availble on AJG's STUNT album.

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