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208 Records
Founded 1996
Founder(s) Robert Kennedy
Distributing label 208 Records
Genre(s) Various
Country of origin England
Official website(s)

208 Records is an English independent record label based in Wiltshire, England. The record label that emerged during a fertile generation of European independents in the early 1980s along with peers like Factory, Mute, Rough Trade and 4AD. The label later broadened its musical horizon with releases by artists including The Deccas, The Master Colony, Simon Wells and The Unsung Heroes[1] many of which feature nationally on BBC Radio shows such as The Tom Robinson Show



Artist Release Name Date Released
The Unsung Heroes That's Reality (SINGLE) 5 April 2012
The Master Colony Time For Change 11 February 2011
The Deccas Ways To The Sun 15 June 2010
Simon Wells Sometimes In The Morning 4 June 2011
Connett Curses and Love 8 April 2011
Roundabout Better in than Out 1 January 2004
Roundabout It's Nice to be Nice 1 January 1998


  1. The Unsung Heroes. Retrieved on March 2, 2013.

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