24 Hour Service Station is a record label located in the United States.

History Edit

24 Hour Service Station is an independent record label founded by Marshall Dickson in Tampa, Florida in 1993.

24 Hour Service Station achieved notoriety in 1994 for first signing rosewater elizabeth, an up and coming ethereal artist in the Tampa music scene. The label then went on to release records by Shoemaker Levy 9, Questionface, and a tribute album to The Smiths entitled Godfathers of Change.

In 1997, Dickson put the label “underground” to take a different path in the music business by starting a career with Sony Music.

Years later, with limitless music industry contacts, and having gained a substantial amount of business experience, he decided to re-launch the record label while also maintaining the helm as General Manager of REAX Music Magazine.

In 2007, the label released Car Bomb Driver’s album Evacuate, and by 2008, 24 Hour Service Station had put out a total of 17 releases and signed 13 bands including History, Win Win Winter, Geri X and The Beauvilles.

As of 2009, the label is in full force with their latest project, a New Order tribute album entitled Ceremony, benefiting the Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Award. The album is dedicated to the founder of Factory Records who died in 2007 from cancer. Dickson was inspired by Tony Wilson to start his own independent record label. CEREMONY - A New Order Tributehas gained the attention of artists worldwide to participate in this worthy charity to assist young people who demonstrate a special talent or ambition in the arts or creative skills.

24 Hour Service Station, often credited with helping develop the careers of local artists by bringing them to a national level via physical and digital distribution, and now performing this service on a global scale.

Bands/Artists under the label Edit

Geri X | The Beauvilles | Win Win WInter | Ceremony: A New Order Tribute | The Duane Peters Gunfight | Tiny Tim | Sleepy LaBeef | History | Car Bomb Driver | rosewater elizabeth | Dub Gabriel | Other Weapons | Master Musicians of Jajouka | Revere | Mosley | Questionface | Shoemaker Levy 9 | GG Allin | David Broman | Zillionaire | King of Spain | New Granada Records | Destroy All Concepts Records | PONK Media | Mekka Records | Three Foot Productions | Tapete Records | Indian Recordings

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