3FM (from 19 August 2014: NPO 3FM) is a national radio station of the Dutch public broadcasting, which focuses mainly on the target 15 to 35 years. The station broadcasts commercial rock and pop music from, with additional electronichouse and dance music.


[hide]*1 History


Radio 3[Edit]Edit

3FM started on 11 October 1965 under the name Hilversum 3, in response to the then hugely popular offshore station Radio Veronica. Striking was the so-called vertical programming. Existing broadcasting associations had their own day they were allowed to broadcast programs. This sounded different each day, which had the disadvantage that the drive no clear identity created. Twenty years later, there were major changes in the schedule of all public radio stations. From december 1, 1985, the station continues as Radio 3.

The broadcasters were divided as follows:

  • Monday: AVRO
  • Tuesday: VARA
  • Wednesday: EO and VPRO (up to 1984 in 1984 and 1985 the KRO and EO, VPRO and NOS)
  • Thursday: TROS
  • Friday: Veronica (between 1982 and 1985 in the morning, EO and NCRV from 1979-1982, NCRV, EO VOO and VPRO and NOS, NCRV, EO for 1979, VOO (1 hour) and VPRO)
  • Saturday: NCRV
  • Sunday: KRO (until 1984 AVRO, VARA, TROS, NOS and KRO)

The NOS sent every evening from Monday to Saturday horizontally between six and seven hours.

In January 1992, the AVRO, KRO and NCRV the program under the broadcasting name AKN Station 3 , which, every Saturday-Sunday and Monday afternoon was told between one and three hours. That same year, followed a more complete horizontal programming, whereby the maxim "every day another broadcasting" largely disappeared. Veronica (Saturday) and the only CABLE Sundays as a ' special ' day about.

The rise of commercial radio at the beginning of the 1990s caused a lower market share. Ferry Size, then program leader of the bunch on Radio 2 and 3, already feared worse listening figures by the move of the bunch of the Thursday to Sunday. Paul Varghese was appointed as central coordinator in 1992 and this had to ensure that Radio 3 got a clearer identity. The station got a slogan (the youngest Netherlands transmitter) and a logo (black triangle with a chicken). Furthermore, more relatively unknown music between new and Golden oldie hits turned (sandwich formula) and there was more attention paid to live music and pop festivals.

Radio 3FM[Edit]Edit

Radio 3 in 1994 obtained a full national coverage on the FM band. To ratify this additional FM was the label to the name. The medium wave transmitter was no longer needed and went over to Radio 10 Gold. Despite all the innovations the pop channel in 1995 the public lost years of number one position on Sky Radio.

There was more and more cooperation between the various broadcaster associations to Radio 3FM as a whole to make it sound. Veronica was not agree and one of the reasons why in 1995 stepped out of the public system. The TRAIN moved to the Saturday. The transmission time for the Sunday was spread over several broadcasters.

At the end of the nineties, separate from the broadcasters, a dedicated music editors. This determines to date in collaboration with the DJ's what music there during the day on the transmitter the transmitter can be rotated, which also makes recognizable, but predictable.


In 2003, as new channel Coordinator Florent Luyckx , which partly responsible for some (controversial) changes. To the appropriate target group had to enter a smoother show station. The name was shortened to "3 FM" with a new logo in graffiti-style and the accompanying slogan "Serious Radio". The new image is more focused on music, evidenced by the motto "If you love music, then listen to 3FM". This also meant the dismissal of Henk WestbroekMyles Baldwin and Isabelle Brinkman, what with the audience not entirely excited was received. As a result, there were opportunities for young radio producers to be able to break through nationally.

After the frequency distribution in 2003 took the competition in the target group and led in 2004 to the departure of Rob Stenders and Ruud de Wild. Many predicted the demise of 3FM. the programming was changed at least three times in two years. The market shares were down, but 3FM knew turn the tide for some years and belongs to the top 5 of best listened to radio stations. In the period november/december 2013 was the best listened to radio station again after years of Netherlands. [2]

The influence of the "music police" is become ever more strongly over the years. Hosts of the VPRO- 3VOOR12 told evening programme in 2005 on the transmitter that they felt themselves restricted in their freedom.

In 2007 dragged a number of Marconi Awards for Best Radio stationon hold; Best Presenter (Giel Beelen); Best Program (GAIN) and Biggest upcoming Talent (Domien Verschuuren). In the same year, Rob Stenders also returned back to the transmitter. In 2009, 3FM once again nominated for a Marconi Award for best radio station. In the summer of that year stopped Larisa as transmitter Coordinator in October 2009 and was succeeded by Wilbert Maharana.

On december 1, 2011 was the big winner at the awards ceremony of the 3FM Marconi Awards during the Gala 2011. With both Silver Radio Star ( Gerard EkdomandAnnemieke Schollaardt ), the Golden Radio Ring (Ekstra Weekends) and the Marconi Talent Award (Sander Hoogendoorn) gave 3FM competitors such as Q-music and 538 it inspected.




See also: list of programs on 3FM and list of disk jockeys on 3FM.

There is a wide range of programs to hear the broadcasters AVROKRONCRVEOTROSBNNVARALlinkVPRO and NTR.

On weekdays the morning show from 6 to 10 hours presented by Giel Beelen, followed by MetMichielwith Michiel Veenstra . Gerard Ekdom Effe Ekdompresents the lunch program. RabRadio with Paul Rabbering follows between 14: 00 and 16: 00. After presenting celebrate Coen Swijnenberg Sander Lantinga and the Coen and Sander Show. Starting from 19: 00 to 22: 00 Domien Verschuuren sits behind the microphone in This is Susan. Almost all of these DJ's have also taken part in the action at least once all 3FM Serious Request in the glass house. Between 22.00 and 1.00 is the 3VOOR12 Radio program presented by Roosmarijn Reijmer. On Friday, the program is slightly modified. Thus, in place of Gerard Ekdom to hear Claudia de Breij and instead of Rob Stenders Paul Rabbering presents together with Jelmer Gussinklo the afternoon program RobRadio. in the evening the program filled by Timur Perlin (19.00-22.00) and Stenders Late Entertainment (22.00-01: 00) with Rob Stenders andFred siebelinkSander Hoogendoorn presents at weekends between 07: 00 and 10: 00 (on Sundays from 06: 00) CroisSanderShowhis program. The program follows thereupon Annemiek Here between 10.00 and 12.00 presented by Annemieke SchollaardtTimur Perlin and present Rámon Verkoeijen from 12: 00 until 15: 00 Timur Open Radio and Bart Arens afterwards follows with its program Mega Top 50 on Saturday and on Sunday with the Radio show By Bart. This was followed by several programs on both days.

Between 6.00 and 7 pm the latest news read aloud in NOS on 3, a short bulletin by the NOS. At 13: 00 and 18: 00 there is a slightly longer broadcast. This program received In 2002 , under the name 3FM News and later NOS Headlines, a Marconi Award for Best Informative Radio program. The broadcasts are presented by two different presenters each day. During morning and afternoon show is there to the half hour a short news broadcast. On the remaining hours, the NOS Journaal passed General bulletin, which is also on the other radio stations of the public broadcasting is broadcast. The ANWB brings every day between 06: 00 and 20: 00 every ½ hour the latest traffic information.

Presenter Edwin Zoo was until March 2009 the station-voice of the station. After leaving the transmitter are Eric Corton and Annemieke Schollaardt -votes become the new channel. The Sung jingles Astrid Artcame from, the singer of Stereo. It was the jingles in which the presenter's name Sung high. There is now no longer made of vocals in the jingles.


Offshore radio Veronica began in the Netherlands with Alarm disk, with which new singles were tipped that is guaranteed to be a hit. In response to this disc, all broadcasters of Hilversum 3 jointly started a so-calledCare drive, in which new music was nominated that one more push needed to get a hit. Each broadcaster got a private drive in the long term.

Most discs are now gone. The TROS Parade plate moved to Radio 2, where this was used until 2008. The Alarm disc is since 1993 to hear on Radio 538 . On 3FM Megahit since 1993 as tipschijf is used.


In 1985, the National hit parade on the TROS. The name was later changed to twice National hit parade Top 100 (1987) and National Top 100 (1989). From 1986 to 1988 was the Toppop 20 broadcast on radio and tv. In the 1990s the TROS Veronica and started the Interactive Cyber Top 50, where listeners could vote on their favorite plate over the internet.

At the horizontalisering of the transmitter the Dutch Top 40 in 1992 disappeared to get more unit in the channel. The other chart in 1993 was renamed to Mega Top 50. The list was extended In 1997 and was then called the Mega Top 100. From January 2003 onwards, only the top 50 of the list were broadcast.

From 1 May 2004, at the request of the transmitter a new chart compiled from airplay on MTV, TMF and 3FM and sales under the name 3FM Mega Top 50. The existing Mega Top 50 had to settle for the name B2B Top 100 either Single Top 100 .

Nowadays exist (apart from some theme lists) only the Mega Top 5 (every Monday to Thursday), 3FM Mega Top 50 (every Saturday afternoon) and the Freak 11.

At the beginning of 2010 (from Saturday 23 to Friday 29 January) is the Zeroes Top 1000 compiled by the listeners of 3FM. the list is broadcast between 9: 00 am and 10 pm in the evening. All regular programs stand between this time devoted to the broadcasting of this list. [3]

The list is led by Coldplay with 22 formats (including the number 1 and number 2). The number 1 of the Zeroes is the song Viva la vida, followed by Clocks. The highest rated national artist is the band Krezip listed on number 3 with the song I Would Stay. Also the anthem of 3FM Serious Request 2009 "It gets better" by Ryan Shaw has also a high format with number 235, since this number only in the last weeks of 2009 has been released. [4]


On 14 October 1987 Radio 3 Centre was opened on the Media Park in Hilversum. This space, located in the Audio Center, consisted of a large, small and final inspection-studio. This was the first joint studio where all broadcasters began broadcasting.

3FM sent from 19 January 2004 from the third floor of the Pepper on the Media park. This new studio contained better facilities for the DJ's and there was more space for live acts (The 3FM Gang). The weekly program that's Live , despite the space, was created in the BNN-bar. Starting from 29 december 2010 at 6 am 3FM sent out from the first floor of de peperbus. Barend van Horn stopped the broadcast on the third floor and Michiel Veenstra took over the baton on the first floor. Domien Verschuuren had a day in advance between 09.00 and 12.00 hours already a broadcast made from the first floor to the studio test. The new studio of 3FM has more modern equipment and a confined space where artists can occur. After moving the third floor served first as a backup for all public radio channels, to 2011 on 13 december by Radio 6 to be put into use.

Broadcasters 3FM[Edit]Edit

Broadcasters who ship programs on 3FM:



3FM Serious Request[Edit]Edit


See main article 3FM Serious Request on this subject.

3FM Serious Request is a charity event where money is collected for projects of the Red Cross. Three deejays inhabit six days (five days in 2004) long a glass house on a square somewhere in Netherlands. During the action the deejays in the House nothing. At the same time, turning it, in Exchange for a donation, request songs for listeners. Be further deployed and Dutch celebrities objects auctioned. The action is held since 2004, in the week before Christmas. The House stood until 2006 at the Neude in Utrecht. Then there was the glass house itself, click the Square in the Hague (2007), the Grote Markt in Breda (2008), the Grote Marktin Groningen (2009), the Market in Eindhoven (2010), the beestenmarkt in Leiden (2011) and on the old market in Enschede (2012). In 2013, the glass house on the Wilhelminaplein (zaailand) stand in Leeuwarden .[5]. In 2014 is the glass house in Haarlem and in 2015 it says in Heerlen. That was published on May 27, 2013 by Wilbert Maharana in the Coen and Sander show.

Year Goal Motto Deejays Place Yield
2004 DarfurSudan Your drop in the ocean Giel Beelen

Wouter van der Goes Claudia de Breij

NeudeUtrecht € 915.995,- [6]
2005 Child soldiers in Congo Red een kind in Congo Giel Beelen

Wouter van der Goes Gerard Ekdom

Neude, Utrecht € 2.203.549,- [6]
2006 Land Mines 30 million landmines, you can't get around it Giel Beelen

Gerard Ekdom Sander Lantinga

Neude, Utrecht € 2.648.495,- [6]
2007 Clean drinking water The world is crying out for drinking water! Gerard Ekdom

Michiel Veenstra Rob Stenders

SquareThe Hague € 5.249.466,- [6]
2008 Assistance to refugees A refugee is nowhere without your help Giel Beelen

Coen Swijnenberg Paul Rabbering

Great Market AntwerpBreda € 5.637.937,- [6]
2009 Malaria Stop malaria, play the music Gerard Ekdom

Giel Beelen Annemieke Schollaardt

Grote MarktGroningen € 7.113.447,- [6]
2010 Silent victims of aids Aids took their parents away, give them back their future Gerard Ekdom

Giel Beelen Coen Swijnenberg

MarketEindhoven € 7.135.707,- [6]
2011 Mothers in war zones This one's for mama Gerard Ekdom

Timur Perlin Coen Swijnenberg

BeestenmarktLeiden € 8.621.004,- [6]
2012 Reducing infant mortality Let's hear it for the babies Gerard Ekdom

Giel Beelen Michiel Veenstra

Old MarketEnschede € 12.251.667,- [6]
2013 Child mortality due to diarrhoea Let's Clean this Shit up Paul Rabbering

Giel Beelen Coen Swijnenberg

WilhelminapleinLeeuwarden [712.302.747 €
2014 Victims of sexual violence in conflict zones Not yet known Not yet known Grote MarktHaarlem
2015 Not yet known Not yet known Not yet known PancratiuspleinHeerlen

3FM Awards[Edit]Edit


3FM Awards , see main article.

3FM awards since 2005 every year in april the 3FM Awards of the Dutch pop out. These are for Dutch artists. Who get the prices is determined by the listeners. An exception is the scale of Rada. This prize – named after the Wim Rigter presenter died in 2004 – is awarded to the artist whose single the previous year has been the most on the transmitter to hear.

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