3rd Draft is the 2005 album by Alien Ant Farm. At the time the band made this, They were still waiting for Universal to sign them, so they released this as a bootleg and sold it during 2005 concerts. By the time AAF finally got signed to universal, they renamed this album "Up In The Attic" and added one new track, "Forgive & Forget", and different artwork in 2006. It is called "3rd Draft" due to the artwork.

Album InformationEdit

Track listingEdit

  1. Bad Morning
  2. What I Feel Is Mine
  3. It Could Happen
  4. Around The Block
  5. San Sabation
  6. Lord Knows
  7. Getting Closer
  8. Crickets
  9. Supreme Lifesyle
  10. Consti2ion
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. She's Only Evil
  13. Tragidy (Hidden Track No.1)
  14. Say Something (Hidden Track No.2)


This is (Technically) the only AAF release to feature Joe Hill on Guitar, scince "Up In The Attic" was basically a re-release of this bootleg with only one new song. Tye Zamora soon left the band after this was released so he could go back to college.


Alien Ant Farm is:

  • Dryden Mitchell - Vocals
  • Joe Hill - Guitar
  • Tye Zamora - Bass
  • Mike Cosgrove - Drums

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