5: 15 (pronunciation: Five Fifteen) is a single by the British rock band The Who. The song was written by the songwriter-guitarist Pete Townshend of The who's second rock operaQuadrophenia (1973), following the success of their first rock opera Tommy. The song is the first of the second plate.

In 5: 15 has the protagonist Jimmy taken a train to Brighton , after he used a lot of drugs . Jimmy is a Mod, which belongs to the socio-cultural youth movement in the1960s in England. Jimmy's memory is severely disrupted and is currently (in this number) mainly out of anger, confusion, violence, sexual frustration and a lack of a safe place to be able to fall back on.

5: 15 is, just like so many other songs from Quadrophenia, a reference to themselves- M-m-m-b generation (a nod to The who's second single "My Generation"), for example, stands for a self-centered tienerdis connection with its community, family and the opposite sex, which is full of anger. Jimmy, who was born in the war (the Second World War) and its aftermath, not worrying about where he understands has to make in the context of the extravagant Mod values.

The recording in the studio shows off the originality of Keith Moon, whose gedrum a rhythmic reflection of riding the train, which is slowly approaching a station . The simple beat of the song makes it extremely popular for use in concerts. The live performances of the band in 2000 were being freshened by a extremely extended bass soloists of bassist John Entwistle, which number this near or even beyond the magic ten minute limit brought. The version on the album Live at the Royal Albert Hall even comes on an impressive 11: 40! On the dvd to see that there is even a camera stuck on Entwistle's guitar, which the whole number shows how The Ox plays.

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