The Count (Drums), Gala (Vox/Guitar), Cormac (Bass), Thom (Acoustic/Keyboards). (2007)

79Cortinaz - 01

Cormac Strain and Gala Hutton. (2004)

79Cortinaz - 02

Cormac Strain, The Count, Dave Dorgan (Ex-Member), Gala Hutton. (2004)

Founded: July 2003

Headquarters: Carlow, Ireland / Laois, Ireland

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[[Feck'd Record



  • [[Flogging Moll
  • [[Dropkick Murphy
  • [[Flaming Lip
  • [[Neil Youn

Band MembersEdit

  • Cormac Strain - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Gala Hutton - Guitar, Vocals
  • [[The Coun - Drums
  • [[Tom McDermot - Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
  • Mike Hayden - Drums, Backing Vocals
  • John Higginson - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals (Moved)
  • [[Mervin Mysteri - Saxaphone (Album Only)
  • Dave Dorgan - Electric Guitar (Stand-In)
  • [[Fergal "Goggy" Barr (Deceased)

Includes Members ofEdit

  • [[Itchy Trigger Finge (Ex-Member)
  • [[The Train
  • DJ Zap (Associated)

Band BiographyEdit

  • (Written by 79Cortinaz, Formatted by [[User:JackSparrow|Jay Sinki)

Hailing from opposite ends of Ireland and based in Carlow/Laois, 79Cortinaz is collaboration between singer/guitarist Gala Hutton, bassist Cormac Strain, guitarist Thom McDermott and drummer Darren 'The Count' O'Neill.

With their shattering guitar noise distilled with haunting vocal melodies, it took the band just under a year to independently release their debut single Deirdre's Song in late August 2004. The single spent a month in the Irish charts peaking at number 18. Over the next 2 years the band was declared "the best thing to come out of Ireland in years" (2fm), hailed by the RTE Guide as one of the "hot properties of 2005", were Tom Dunne's (Today FM) Petsounds Artist of the Week, and invited into the 2FM studios for a 'Session', which was aired shortly after and repeated various times over the following 18 months. Gigs included the IMRO Showcase Tour, Hard Working Class Heros, Music Ireland Live and the 2FM 2moro 2our plus supports to The Walls, Future Kings of Spain, The Frank and Walters, Bez andThe Revs.

In June 2006 the band started on their debut album, Hopioki, with help from distinguished punk icon, Rat Scabies (ex founder member and drummer of the Damned) and after a year of hard work the resulting album sees release in late September 2007 in both music shops and online retailers such a 3Music, Vodaphone and iTunes supported by a nationwide tour.

Quotes: "However, do they deliver with the rest of the material? Well, we've certainly got a few new gems, none more so than in Drive Me Home, which echoes of the Deserter's Songs album from Mercury Rev in style. The jangly indie-pop of Cindy Sindy, a candidate for the single release, will also surely grow as a favourite amongst fans. Raspberry BonBons adds some indie-pop fun which delves into the near daft that is part and parcel of the 79Cortinaz individuality" - Frequency Ireland

"On the strength of their debut single alone, 79Cortinaz went top 20 in Ireland, landed TV spots, interviews, live sessions and caused an altogether huge furore not seen over a new Irish act in ages ..." - HitSheet Magazine

"There is a buzz around 79Cortinaz ..... Gala Hutton has an incredible vocal range and there is a haunting, ethereal quality to his voice. He and the rest of the band looked impressively in-control and at home on stage. Their songs are well crafted and radio friendly ..." - Hotpress Magazine

"79Cortinaz blew me away the first time I heard them. The Session that the guys recorded for the show is still one of my favourites, and we've repeated numerous times since. Nowhere To Go was part of that Session, and I think it makes a great single for a really important cause.... " Quote from Dan Hegarty, 2fm


  • The track Half Man (a reworking of the electronic track Half-Man (Half-Gander)) was re-recorded for the 79C debut album, but was not released on the album. It is unknown if this track will ever be released to the public.
  • [[Feather Eggshells:79Cortinaz|Feather Eggshell was originally intended to be released on the album, but was not re-recorded, and was not released on the album.




  • [[Hopioki:79Cortinaz|Hopiok (2007)



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Mix CDsEdit

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Radio ShowsEdit

  • [[Radio Crackl

Further readingEdit

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Gala Hutton - Cormac Strain - The Count - Tom McDermott
Mike Hayden (Ex-Member) - Mervin Mysterio (Ex-Member) - Dave Dorgan (Ex-Member) - John Higginson (Ex-Member)
Albums: Hopioki
Mixtapes: 79Cortinaz: The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape)
Singles: The Amazing Sound Of - Electric Hym - Nowhere To Go - She's Awake
EPs: The Amazing Sound Of 79Cortinaz EP (iTunes)
Music Videos: Deirdre's Song (Music Video)
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Collaborators: DJ Zap - Jay Sinkie - Dave Dorgan - Anne Strain
Other: 79Cortinaz Street Team - The Sessions Club - Ambient Live RecordsThe Trains

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