79Cortinaz- The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape) - Front Cover (Final Version)
79Cortinaz- The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape) - CD Facing
79Cortinaz- The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape) - Front Cover (Original Version)

Artist: 79Cortinaz / DJ Zap / Jay Sinkie

Date Released: TBA

Label: Ambient Live Records // Crosswired Productions

Produced By: 79Cortinaz/Rat Scabies/DJ Zap/Jay Sinkie


  1. Intro
  2. Cyber Skater
  3. Gypsy Cigarettes (Short)
  4. Interlude I
  5. Feather Eggshells (Demo)
  6. Electric Hym (Demo)
  7. Deirdre's Song (Demo)
  8. Half-Man Half-Electronic
  9. Cindy, Sindy (Chillbient Remix)
  10. Interlude II
  11. Nowhere To Go (Remix)
  12. Deirdre's Song (Remix)
  13. Half-Man (Half-Gander)
  14. Feather Eggshells (Single Version)
  15. Electric Hym Part 1 (Original Mix)
  16. Interlude III
  17. Electric Hym Part 2 (Appetite Mix)
  18. Nowhere To Go (Single Version)
  19. Deirdre's Song (Single Version)
  20. Interlude IV
  21. Outro

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Mixtapes: 79Cortinaz: The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape)
Singles: The Amazing Sound Of - Electric Hym - Nowhere To Go - She's Awake
EPs: The Amazing Sound Of 79Cortinaz EP (iTunes)
Music Videos: Deirdre's Song (Music Video)
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Collaborators: DJ Zap - Jay Sinkie - Dave Dorgan - Anne Strain
Other: 79Cortinaz Street Team - The Sessions Club - Ambient Live RecordsThe Trains

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