8 Great Hits
EP by Newsboys
Released November 6, 2003
Length 30:54
Label Sparrow
Newsboys chronology
Adoration: The Worship Album
8 Great Hits

8 Great Hits is an compilation EP by Newsboys, released November 6, 2003, through Sparrow Records. It features some of Newsboys' biggest hits from 1992's I'm Not Ashamed until 2000's Joy, leaving out songs from their newest record, Thrive.

Track listingEdit

Album release
No. TitleWriter(s)Lead vocals Length
1. "Shine"  Steve Taylor, Peter FurlerPeter Furler 3:45
2. "I'm Not Ashamed"  Peter Furler, Steve TaylorPeter Furler 4:39
3. "Breakfast"  Steve TaylorPeter Furler 3:38
4. "Reality"  Steve Taylor, Peter FurlerJohn James, Peter Furler 3:29

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