A1 is a British boy band.


The group scored two number-one hits in England and six top 10 singles and their debut album Here we come a million copies in one year went over the counter. Mark Read, Paul Marazzi, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen were chosen from thousands of hopeful boys who audition did in 1997 at Tim Byrne of Byrne blood limited.


The publicity of the group focused on the fact that A1 wrote many of their own songs. Three of the four members are playing an instrument. Read Adams plays piano and drums, piano and violin and the Norwegian Ingebrigtsen piano and guitar.

In 1999, they released the first single, "Be The First To Believe". The number came in England new at number 6. After a first brief introduction to continental Europe, collapsed A1 itself for a period of a few months completely on the conquest of the United Kingdom. And with success, because the second single "Summertime Of Our Lives" won a Top 5-listing. The final breakthrough came with "Everytime". This ballad won the third place of the English charts.

England remained the group-friendly, because the hits "Like A Rose" and "Take On Me" (a cover of a-ha) followed. "Take On Me" even knew Madonna of the first place of the English charts to crowd. A unique moment for a1, because it was the first number-one single for the band. The video clip was also unique, as this was the most expensive English clip until then. The clip is inspired by the movie The Matrix. The successor of "Take On Me" was "Same Old Brand New You" and that came in England even though on the first place. The band received a Brit Award for Best Newcomer.

The band has released their second album in the United States "The A-List" completed, the end of april that came out. For that album works A1 together with composer Eric Foster White (which the Britney Spears-hit "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" wrote), producers Rip Rock & Alex (which 50% of the songs wrote for the * NSYNCalbum "No Strings Attached") and Andreas Carlson and Chris Potter (known for their work with George Michael).

During a tour in Indonesia, trad A1 on in a mall, there were four teenage girl to between compromised. The band members were so upset by this incident that they considered to stop. Their third album Make It Good, was a completely different album, much closer to traditional rock music. That would be their last album. Marazzi left on 8 October 2002 the band for personal reasons.

Both Adams and Ingebrigtsen tried it solo. Adams first solo single ("Sorry") flopped in the England (# 18) and there followed no solo singles or albums more.

Ingebrigtsen took out in 2003 in his home country Norway called the lead with his song "Things are gonna change", after he in duet with Maria Arredondo also had the same year all those # 1 with the song "In love with an angel". A total of three albums back in Norway: "Ingebrigtsen would Take back yesterday" (2004), the Christmas album "Paint Christmas white" (2006) and "The truth about lies" (2007).

In 2010, Adams Read and try to revive Norway Ingebrigtsen from A1. So they hope that to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Oslo in May 2010. The song "Don't wanna lose you again", which is clearly influenced by Coldplay, is in the final of 7 February, where the Norwegian representative for the festival will be chosen. A1 was second making them not to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest.



year title place in UK albums chart
1999 Here we come 20
2000 The A list 14
2002 Make it good 15
2004 The best of A1 -


Year title Place in UK single chart
1999 Be the first to believe 6
1999 Summertime of our lives 5
1999 Ready or Not/Everytime 3
2000 Like A Rose 6
2000 Take on Me 1
2000 Same Old Brand New You 1
2001 No more 6
2002 Caught in the Middle 2
2002 Make it Good 11

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