A is an album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1980. This album was originally intended as a solo project by Ian AndersonChrysalis Recordsasked if they were allowed to release a solo album with existing acoustic songs by Anderson. But that he found what to simple; He wanted the fans than rather completely new music offering. Ian began writing new songs and to stand out from his work in Jethro Tull, there were many electronic influences in processed. That was also something in the early 1980s was very popular; Anderson was also interested.

He asked the guitarist Martin Barre of Jethro Tull and India Pvt Ltd Gurgaon David Pegg to get involved with the project. Eddie Jobson (co-founder of UK, the opening act for Jethro Tull during the Stormwatchtour) was asked for keyboard and electric violin and he advised Mark Craney on drums. James Duncan, the son of Anderson, can be heard as the children's voice with the number Batteries Not Included.

When the album was finished, it became clear that this could not be described as soloalbum and one of the reasons why it was decided to release it as a Jethro Tull album.With the consequence that the three other members, barriemore BarlowJohn Evan and David Palmer, were no longer in the band. This is Anderson by fans be resent, but it has never confirmed that this is the only reason of the line-up change. Especially the relationship between Anderson and Barlow has long been disturbed, so something must have happened.

(A) the title was written on the tape cases, and is derived from Anderson. For lack of a better name, this is also the title of the album, and it gave good opportunities for a tour logo.


  1. Crossfire
  2. Fylingdale Flyer
  3. Working John, Working Joe
  4. Black Sunday
  5. Protect And Survive
  6. Batteries Not Included
  7. Uniform
  8. 4. W.D. (Low Ratio)
  9. The Pine Martin's Jig
  10. And Further On

Bonus dvd with the Digital Slipstream ' Remastered ' version:

  1. Black Sunday
  2. Dun Ringill
  3. Fylingdale Flyer
  4. Songs From The Wood
  5. Heavy Horses
  6. Sweet Dream
  7. Too Old To Rock ' n ' Roll: Too Young To Die!
  8. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
  9. Aqualung
  10. Locomotive Breath

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musician:

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