Creator of the Mix: LoRezSky

Initial Notes About The Mix: Each nasty little hornet, each beastly little squid. Who made the spikey urchin? Who made the sharks? He did. A compendium of all things real and imaginary, the clever and the inept, the involuntary, the obscure and the ones clearly aiming for the buck. (A mix I originally made for the 13-year old daughter of my girlfriend to counter her claim that I always put strange tracks on mix-cds; a sort of 'Ha! Take this, Jaylene')



A is for Aiming High, Falling Hard

A is for Actor Slash Singer

S is for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Nothing lends itself to parody like Hard Rock or Metal. There is a cliche machine on the internet which when primed with any word rhymes 'fire' with 'desire' and regurgitates perfect Meat Loaf or Bon Jovi lyrics. These tracks did it decades before Gwar or The Darkness.

B is for But Seriously ...

E is for Ethnicity
Realizing that nothing is funnier than a foreigner.

H is for Hey, It Sells ...

S is for Save-On Music
The cheapest music can be found on Karaoke samplers and in porn-videos. Only marginally more costly are most made-for-tv themes.

K is for The King Is Dead (Long Live The King)
And few things are funnier than the fat guy who watched his fifty televisions in a room with green shag carpet.

Y is for Yodeling