Artist: The Merediths

Date Released: March 8, 2005

Label: Debauchery

Produced By: The Merediths


  1. Marmalade Maggie
  2. Right There
  3. Cruel Kind of Love
  4. Homo Erectus
  5. Let's All Live Underground


And so begins the era of band promotion… The Merediths, a five piece out of Louisville, KY have gained a lot of attention from the internet stalking-lite service. On A Closed Universe, the self-producing and self-engineering band are paying an homage to the psychedelic pop pioneers of what I am sure makes up most of their cd collection. And to tell you the truth, their layered pop compositions do the genre well. They even scrape together a few classic rock (see guitar solo in 'Right There') and country/folk (an abudance of slide guitar on 'Homo Erectus') on a few of the tracks. Much in the same way Dios Malos writes songs, The Merediths bounce out 5 pop-tacular tracks here on their first somewhat major release. I can also hear a lot of similarities to the indie twang of bands like The Shins. I think it is time for the country to experience what Louisville has been keeping secret. Michael Ardaiolo

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