A Farewell to Kings is the fifth album by Rush , released in 1977 by Anthem Records and Mercury Records. In 1997 it was re-released.

Numbers Edit ]Edit

  1. A Farewell to Kings - 5:51
  2. Xanadu - 11:08
  3. Closer to the Heart - 2:53
  4. Cinderella Man - 4:21
  5. Madrigal - 2:35
  6. Cygnus X-1 - 10:25

Artists Edit ]Edit

  • Geddy Lee - bass, vocals, bass pedals , Mini-Moog, guitar
  • Alex Lifeson - guitar, pedal
  • Neil Peart - drums (drums, cymbals, orchestra bells, tubularbellen, temple blocks, cowbell, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle and vibra slap)

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