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Artist: Monade

Date Released: March 8, 2005

Label: Beggars Group/Too Pure

Produced By:


  1. Wash and Dance
  2. A Few Steps More
  3. La Salle des Pas Perdus
  4. Das Kind
  5. 2 Portes, 7 Fenetres
  6. Dittysweep
  7. Becoming
  8. Pas Toujours; Encore
  9. Sensible et Extensible
  10. Dittyah
  11. Paradoxale
  12. There are Things


For the most part, I am sure everyone is familiar with the experimental pop band Stereolab and their many quirky by-products (side bands). Monade, which is pronounced mon-ard, is the brainchild of front-woman Laetitia Sadier and her collaborator, Pram’s Rosie Cuckston. Their first release was a DIY bedroom recording project, but with their second release, they have expanded the sound ten-fold for an international release. Mostly based around Sadier’s exotic voice and flowing harmonies, A Few Steps More is lovely dream-pop album full of quirky instrumentation and slightly off-the-cuff song structures. Sadier handles vocals, moog, tambourine and an amazing sounding trombone while she is surrounded by three other musical contributors and precise production to create a polished, but not over produced pop record. This will certainly appeal to Stereolab fans along with traditional pop fans and listeners interested in more ambitious and off-kilter pop sounds. Michael Ardaiolo

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