A Lucid Moment were a Post-Hardcore-Band from Oberhausen, Germany. Besides Post-Hardcore, they use elements of Screamo and Electrocore

Members Edit

  • Keven Rittger - Vocals (since April 2011)
  • Philipp Kleine-Boymann - Guitar, Vocals
  • Jörn Schlüsemann - Guitar
  • Pascal Hemmerich - Bass (since 2010)
  • Marvin Weißert - Drums

Former membersEdit

  • Steven Tenbergen - Guitar, Vocals (Autumn 2008 - 2011)
  • Demian Bandel - Bass (Autumn 2008 - 2010)

History Edit

A Lucid Moment were founded in 2008 where they also recorded their first demo CD. They played out loud in Oberhausen, Essen and nearby as well as the small rock festival Olgas Rock. In 2011 they started through again with two new band members to be a five piece outfit again. The long promised album that should be released in spring 2011 but after a while the band decided to give away their ER "From Now On" for free download. 2012 they also played live shows and released another free EP including two titles. 2013 / 2014 they are writing new song and probably new live set. For 2014 they are recording new songs for the forthcoming debut album, but it was never officially released. In 2016 the band made it available as YouTube playlist.

In January 2016 the band announced to stop their activities because lack of time and "shit got real". Vocalist Philipp Kleine-Boymann is also member of the band Low Budget?.

Discography Edit

  • 2009: We Are The Dancers (EP)
  • 2011: From Now On (EP) (free Download via MediaFire)
  • 2012: Are You Cereals?! / You're Acting Like A Fucking Sliq (But I'm Abe, Bitch)
    (Single) (free Download)
  • 2016: Dim The Night / Brighten the Lights (Album released as YouTube playlist)[1]

External Links Edit


  1. YouTube Playpist: A Lucid Moment - Dim the night/ brighten the light

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