A Momentary Lapse of Reason is a studio album by Pink Floyd from 1987. It is the band's first album after the departure of Roger Waters.

After the departure of Water and put the discord that followed David Gilmour on here and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason on. Although Waters do not agree was that they continued to use the name Pink Floyd , his legal action against this had no success.

The shooting for A Momentary Lapse of Reason started in October 1986 and initially would be the album released as a solo album by Gilmour. In december 1986 he made Gilmour announced the album had enough confidence in to it as Pink Floyd album.

Pink Floyd consisted at this time from Gilmour and Mason. During the recordings of A Momentary Lapse Richard Wright also played with it, but only as a session musician.


[hide]*1 Recording


A Momentary Lapse was performed by Gilmour, Mason and a number of session musicians. The role of Mason, who believed that his work is not currently on level was, however, was small. A large part of the percussion was programmed using a drum machine (Sorrow) or performed by session musicians, including Carmine Appice (The Dogs of War) and Jim Keltner (On the Turning Away and One Slip).

One of the session musicians was Tony Levin who also collaborated with, among others, Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. Keyboardist Jon Carin also appeared: he continued to work with both the new Pink Floyd as with Roger Waters. During the shots came at one point Richard Wright also play, but he has not (yet) not an official member of the new band.


On the album cover of A Momentary Lapse are to see 700 hospital beds on a beach ("Saunton Sands") near Devon. The image was created by Storm Thorgerson. He used no trickery: the beds were actually placed on the beach to be photographed.


  1. Signs of Life, instrumental (David GilmourBob Ezrin)-4: 24
  2. Learning to Fly (Gilmour, Anthony Moore, Ezrin, Jon Carin) – 4: 53
  3. The Dogs of War (Gilmour, Moore)-6: 05
  4. One Slip (Gilmour, Phil Manzanera) – 5: 10
  5. On the Turning Away (Gilmour, Moore)-5: 42
  6. Yet Another Movie (Gilmour, Patrick Leonard)/ Round and Around " (Gilmour)-7: 28
  7. A New Machine (Part 1) (Gilmour)-1: 46
  8. Terminal Frost (Gilmour)-6: 17
  9. A New Machine (Part 2) (Gilmour)-0: 38
  10. Sorrow (Gilmour)-8: 46


  • In Learning to Fly can be heard how Mason with a control tower talk from his privevliegtuig.
  • Mason and Gilmour members originally to fear of flying. After they had overcome this they were both enthiousaste amateur pilots.
  • A Momentary Lapse came out on the same day as Michael Jackson 's Bad and Actually by the Pet Shop Boys.


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