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Artist: Subtle

Date Released: October 5, 2004

Label: Lex

Produced By:


  1. Song Meat
  2. I Love L.A.
  3. The Long Vein of the Law
  4. Red, White, & Blonde
  5. Silence...
  6. The Hook
  7. F.K.O.
  8. Eyewash
  9. Hand-Replacement
  10. She
  11. Stiff Fruit


As hip-hop dives farther into the depths of the underground, sometimes accessibility will take a back seat for creativity and originality. There are very few acts that can suffice both categories. So how does Subtle, and underground hip-hop supergroup, beat the system? They take a proven underground MC and back him with an array of talented musicians that are obsessed with using completely original sounds to produce uncanny post-rock; now you have something original. Along with Doseone (cLOUDDEAD, Themselves, 13 & God), Jel (Themselves, 13 & God), Dax and a slew of other like minded musicians make up the group. Doseone’s unclassifiable vocals are backed at anyone time with a combination of live and electronic drums, electric cello, 3 keyboards, 3 samplers and a guitar. The result is an original sound that fits cozily on Lex’s diverse roster, and is worth your attention. Michael Ardaiolo

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