Artist: The Dresden Dolls

Album: Good Day / Imprec100

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: Here's a rare cut for y'all—this is the flip to the 7"-only "Good Day" single, although it also appeared on the 100th release from Important Records, a compilation that was given free with any order. I don't know if they still have copies, but you can check it out. There's actually quite a bit of good stuff on that compilation, too—I'm probably going to have to order some more stuff from them. Anyway, to tell you the truth? This isn't the best Dresden Dolls song in the world—in fact, it's in the "Oh, this was a b-side for a reason" category, but hey, it's still neat to hear, particularly since it's actually—gasp—guitar driven. It's just odd to hear from the Dresden Dolls. If you want this, go to the Important Records link -- the original single is way, way out of print, but hey, the comp is cool. The Amazon link goes to their first record, just because that's from the same era as this album, and it's a very good record. And the A-side of the original single both a) Rules and b) Is on this album, so there you go. Check it out. (Also, I keep wanting to call this song "A Good Night At The Roses", which I think is conflating the title with both the A-side as well as "A Good Year For The Roses" by Elvis Costello (and, well, George Jones, but I like Elvis way more than No-Show Jones.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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