Artist: Ulrich Schnauss

Date Released: May 2003

Label: Domino

Produced By:


  1. Gone Forever
  2. On My Own
  3. A Letter from Home
  4. Monday - Paracetamol
  5. Clear Day
  6. Blumenthal
  7. In All the Wrong Places
  8. A Strangely Isolated Place


Picture this… it is the year 2050, technology has grown exponentially for the last 50 years, and at this point we are living in a world of metallic grey. Because of pollution there is a permanent overcast across the entire world, and people very rarely ever take a step outside into the now withered and forgotten environment. Then one day, one person decided to venture out into the vast nothingness that has become of nature. After hours and hours of sightless travel, he comes across an oasis of greens, reds, blues, yellows and every other color imaginable. This is the soundtrack to his journey (melodramatic, eh?). A Strangely Isolated Place is an ambient electronica album that consists of epic synthesizers, fuzzed out guitars, unobtrusive vocals (if any) and hip-hoppish beats. It’s a very subtle record that is extremely well composed and moody. Michael Ardaiolo

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