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Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 2001

Label: Houston Party

Produced By: Scott McCaughey


  1. A Thousand Years Away
  2. Echos Myron
  3. Wicked Annabella

Review: I don't have this single, but I've heard the first-and-last tracks. The A-side is magnificently good, and the last B-side is a Kinks kover, and is also really pretty awesome (though it's been forever since I've heard it). The other track is a Guided By Voices cover, and, well, since this is squarely in the "Totally Awesome" Minus 5 era, I'm going to assume it's pretty nifty. But I'd still like to hear it. After all, I like potentially nifty songs. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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