Creator of the Mix: The stack

Initial Notes About The Mix: About a year ago I started making a mixx tape for a girl I knew. She had no musical taste to speak of so it was really hard. I did about five songs and then just gave up. I found it a few weeks ago, decided that there was no way it could be saved. So I went to the library and picked up as many CDs as they would let me check out. I got home. Randomly chose CDs and picked the song with the coolest sounding title and put it on the tape. When I ran out of library CDs I attacked my parents collection then pulled out a few of my own songs, and even put a song from a Clash vinyl on it. This tape has absolutely no flow and is very random. Appropriately, I named it "A Trip to the Library."


  1. Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies - Science Fiction Double Feature
  2. L7 - Andres
  3. The Distillers - City Of Angels
  4. The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
  5. KISS - Rock 'N Roll All Night
  6. Bob Dylan - I Am A Lonesome Man
  7. Eric Clapton - Five Long Years
  8. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
  9. PJ Harvey - Pocket Knife
  10. Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
  11. The Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
  12. The Who - Happy Jack
  13. Jerry Lee Lewis - Let The Good Times Roll
  14. Joan Jett - I Love Rock 'N Roll


  1. George Harrison - Any Road
  2. Joe Satriani - Raspberry Jam Delta V
  3. The Donnas - 40 Boys In 40 Nights
  4. The Distillers - Gypsy Rose Lee
  5. Leadbelly - How Long
  6. The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
  8. Judas Priest - Breakin' The Law
  9. NOFX - The Idiots ARe Taking Over
  10. The Nevada Bachelors - Bad Haircut
  11. The B-52s - Rock Lobster
  12. L7 - Off The Wagon
  13. Sleater-Kinney - Modern Girl
  14. The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go