Abraham Simon Lymon, stage name Abe Lyman, ( August 4, ChicagoBeverly Hills1897 - October 23, 1957) was an American popular bandleader from the 1920s and 1930s. He made plates, appeared in movies and performed for radio shows including Your Hit Parade .


[hide]*1 Biography


Abe Lyman play drums at an early age and learned when he was 14, he had a job as a drummer in a café in Chicago. Around 1919, he played in California with the future Henry Halstead band leaders and Gus Arnheim. His brother Mike, who also had his name changed to Lyman, opened at that time in a Los Angeles nightclub where Abe Lyman and his band play went (with Roy Fox). The club was popular with the great movie stars of the time, such as Mary PickfordCharlie ChaplinBuster Keaton and Harold Lloyd and provided Lyman fame. The club, however, closed the doors, when the film star such clubs no longer were allowed to visit.

Next, Lyman occur in the night club of the famous Ambassador Hotel, where movie stars and the powerful of the Earth were staying, and expanded his Orchestra before that with two man: his band now had eleven man, Lyman itself sat behind the drum kit. On the opening night on 1 april 1922 there were 1,500 guests, and 500, there were outdoor. Lyman played here for five years.

Soon afterwards took a plate for Nordskog Records Lyman and a year later he got a record deal for the emerging record label Brunswick. For this society took Lyman to 1936 hundreds of plates on, many of whom also played in Europe . On different plates was sung by a big star of that time, Al Johnson (for example, on the song "Mandalay"). Popular recordings of Lyman included "California Blues", "W. Weasel", "Mary Lou" and the "Amen" sung by his wife.

In 1929 he also made a tour in Europe, where he played in London and Paris. In 1930, he played with his band in some early sound films, "Hold Everything", "Paramount on Parade", "Good News" and "Madam Satan". In 1931 he took the music on for differentcartoons Merrie Melodies-. Starting from the middle of the 1930s played Lyman for radio shows, including the CBS-show Your Hit Parade. He then made occasional recordings for labels such as Decca Records and RCA Victor. When he was 50 he stepped out, he became Director of the music and Mike Lyman's Restaurant.

Musicians who have played with Lyman include Ray LopezGus MuellerBuster Johnson and Miff Mole.


  • Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra-Hot Recordings By A West Coast Band, 1922-1932, Timeless, 2002

Filmography (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Syncopated Symphony, 1928
  • Tin Hat Harmony, 1934
  • Junior Prom, 1946

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