>Abort, Retry, Fail?_
EP by White Town
Released 1996
Recorded  ?
Genre Indie-Pop, Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock
Length 17:44
Label Parasol/Chrysilas
White Town chronology
Socalism, Sexism & Sexuality
>Abort, Retry, Fail?_
Women in Technology
>Abort, Retry, Fail?_ is an Extended play by Indie-Pop musical project White Town. It was released in 1996 through Parasol and Chrysilas records. It came in Compact Disc, Cassette, and 12" vinyl. The EP is also considered as a single, due to the lead track, "Your Woman" being released as a single afterwards.


The EP was recorded at Joyti's home studio on a Macintosh computer. At the time of producing, the computer crashed and would keep displaying the message ">Abort, Retry, Fail?_". This message would eventually become the title for the EP. It took Joyti 72 hours to render all of his work back. There are two different covers to the album, one that simply reads >Abort, Retry, Fail?_ and another that has Your Woman on the cover, due to the song's popularity at the time. The cover also came in both red and green text. On the very bottom of the cover, it would mention what format the EP was. The formats includes Four track CD single, Two track CD single, Cassette Single and Three track 12". The EP is also considered as a single. Rob Fleay plays guitar on "Give Me Pain".

Track ListingEdit

Four track CD singleEdit

  1. Your Woman
  2. Give Me Pain
  3. Theme for a Mid-Afternoon Game Show
  4. Theme for a Late-Noght Documentary About The Dangers of Drug Abuse

Two track CD single/Cassette SingleEdit

  1. Your Woman
  2. Give Me Pain

Three track 12"Edit

Side A

  1. Your Woman
  2. Give Me Pain

Side B

  1. Your Woman (The Fights 2000 Remix)


  • Joyti Mishra - Everything, Except for
  • Rob Fleay - Guitar on "Give Me Pain"
  • Scissorkicks - Worked on "Your Woman (The Fights 2000 Remix)

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