Above Underground: The Mixtape is a collaboration mixtape by Infamy and Cross. It will be released in summer. It will include a remix of Infamy's Can't Nobody and a remix of Chris Lemar and Cross's 07' song "Summer Flings".

Confirmed Track-ListingEdit

  1. On 2 Da Next (Beat used On To The Next One by Jay-Z)
  2. Coming Up (Beat used The Come Up by AZ)
  3. Spanish Love (Beat used Miranda by Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)
  4. Can't Nobody (Remix) featuring Bristol Crook
  5. Sweetest Girl (Beat used Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) by Wyclef Jean)
  6. Lyrical Rapture (Beat used One Blood by The Game)
  7. Summer Flings (10' Remix) featuring Bristol Crook

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