Founded: Year:2003

Headquarters: Syria

Website Link(s): [ Absentation Official Sit


  • [[A Dark Philosophy Record
  • [[Satanic Chapel Record


Band MembersEdit

  • [[Emperor Nuctuliu: Lead Guitar&vocals
  • Necrodeiphile: Guitar
  • The Dark Tomb: Bass

Former Band MembersEdit

Band BiographyEdit

Another profoundly influential Death Metal band, Absentation were very apolitical, and featured many different influences in their sound. Absentation was formed in a country that doesn't support metal at all, no recording labels, no magazines or festivals to back it up. Originally formed in 2001 under the name Epitaph the band would eventually split up and reform in 2003 as more of a one man project, the results was the EP album entitled [[Death Chapte. Their album Mental Battle Resurrection is considered one of their most important albums ever (that being their debut in America).




  • [[Death Chapte


  • Blink

Appears OnEdit

  • Terrorizer Magazine

Radio ShowsEdit

  • Brutalism Radio Episode 49

Further readingEdit

[[Category: Artis

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