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Stuart Leslie Goddard (Marylebone (London), november 3, 1954), also known as Adam Ant is a British singer and actor. His pen name is a pun on the English Wordadamant that adamantinflexible means.


[hide]*1 History


Young years[Edit]Edit

Adam came from a poor working-class family; his parents divorced at the age of seven years. He remains the only child in the family until 1974, when his father remarried and had a daughter. Adam went to the Hornsey School of Art in London. He is particularly influenced by Peter Webb and Allen Jones. Both were engaged in adult/sexually-oriented work. Adam would later perform all the artwork for the band itself.

Adam began his musical career as bass player for the band; It is also in this period that he changes his name. His own band In 1975 directive Adam on (the B-Sides for which he writes the music itself) which, however, never occurs.

In 1975 marries Adam with his fellow student Carol Mills; they are going to live with her parents. Adam was on the one hand a good student, but on the other hand was a neat huisman and an illustrator he focused on making erotic drawings and a musician in the emerging punk scene. Him on and he develops anorexia nervosa. After a suicide attempt , he treated psychiatric , but it is clear to him that a marriage nothing for him.

Adam & the Ants I[Edit]Edit

Adam went underway with a new band, Adam & the Ants. Jordan, who he meets in Malcolm McLarens clothing boutique "SEX" worked. It clicked, and Jordan was going to actively contribute to the band. The band's first performance was in August 1977 at London's Roxy, a notorious punk stage. Of this performance, part of a punk festival on which also The ClashThe Damned and Siouxsie and the Banshees played, Derek Jarman made the film "Jubilee". They played then more frequently in this Marquee. In 1979, the album Dirk Wears White Sox released. Adam is singer and guitarist Matthew Ashman and is assisted by (guitar), Leigh Gorman (bass/vocals) and Dave Barbarossa (drums). Jordan spoke with Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols), who did what in the band saw. He was manager, and introduced the Burundi Beat, drum music of tribes from Burundi, world-wide in 1971 made popular by John Kongos and Burundi Black. After two weeks he said that Adam was too old and took the Ants with it, they were Bow Wow Wow. After the release of the Adam & the Ants act as a plate exactly one time.

Adam & the Ants II[Edit]Edit

Adam retains the name ' the Ants ' though, and he together with Marco Pirroni start in 1980 with a new band. Adam went before the band was complete, and Marco de Car Trouble as a single studio to re-record.Chris Hughes joins them. From this moment the distinctive African drum style is also a standard part of their music.

Finally they had the success to be contracted by a major music label: CBS. They make the album Kings of the Wild Frontier (Summer 1980). Since that time Adam & the Ants were finally to find also in the charts with "Dog Eat Dog,"Antmusic"," and with "Kings of the Wild Frontier." Also re-releases pick up the British charts.

In England, where their video clips were shown regularly by the BBC, the success was enormous; in America it remained for the time being, at a Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 1981. In may join them on in de Meervaart in Amsterdam In June of that year, the band back to Netherlands for a concert in Paradiso.

The singles Stand and deliver and Prince Charming were the biggest hits, thanks in part to the associated video clips in which Adam can be seen as a pirate/highwayman and a male version of Cinderella.

The single Stand and deliver can also be heard in the video game Burnout Paradise.

Solo Career[Edit]Edit

After a successful tour broke Adam beginning 1982 with the band and his pirate image to solo to proceed; He, however, continued to collaborate with Marco. For its popularity made his solo debut that nothing fromFriend or Foe , was hugely successful and earned him finally an American breakthrough in the previous tour there made little impression, this time were the concerts a success.

Strip released In 1983. To this Adam in two numbers together with Phil Collins. The single "Puss ' n Boots" was a success, but the single Strip was banned by the BBC. Vive le Rock appears In 1985 of which the title track is played at Live Aid . Then stops temporarily make Adam acting with focus on music. Adam three months on the scene in England with the Joe Orton-production "Entertaining Mr. Sloane" after he moves to Hollywood for a few years in American films and television series to play; He also sings the theme tune of Weird Science.

In 1989, Adam back to the music; the album Manners and Physique, whose "Room At The Top" was the first single, left a more contemporary, smoother sound. After a successful tour makes the album AdamPersuasion, but MCA Records to release the album not decided, with the result that to this day remain on the shelf is.

Adam plays In the 1990s in all kinds of television series and films; After his return to England he brings in 1995 from the album Wonderful . A tour of England and the u.s. was planned, but had to be discontinued after 18 performances because Marco Pirroni had a serious illness to his respiratory tract.

In december 2001 Antbox comes from. Since that time, there are all kinds of ge-re-mastered versions of his albums released. Adam itself still occasionally appears on the scene and has released a new version recorded from Stand and Deliver (Save The Gorillas), but is particularly concerned with fighting his depression and with his daughter Lilly, born in april 1998.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Adam & the Ants
Dirk wears white soxx 11-1979 -
Kings of the wild frontier 11-1980 27-6-1981 16 12
Prince charming 11-1981 21-11-1981 9 9
Peel sessions 1990 -
The collection 1991 -
The very best of Adam and the Ants 3-1999
The B sides 3-1982 -
Friend or foe 10-1982 6-11-1982 42 3
Strip 10-1983 -
Vive le rock 9-1985 -
Hits 1986 -
Manners and physique 2-1990 -
Antics in the forbidden zone 10-1990 -
Persuasion 1993 - not released
Antmusic-The very best of Adam Ant 1993 -
B side babies 9-1994 -
Wonderful 2-1995 -
Super hits 1-1998
Goody two shoes 4-1998
Adam Ant
Antbox 12-2000
The complete Radio 1 sessions 7-2001
Pop & wave 2-2003
The essential 4-2003
Adam Ant Is The Blue black Hussar In Marrying The gunner's Daughter 1-2013


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Adam & the Ants
Young Parisians 10-1978 -
Zerox 7-1979 -
Car trouble 3-1980 -
Kings of the wild frontier 7-1980 -
Dog eat Dog 10-1980 -
Antmusic 12-1980 7-2-1981 tip
Stand and deliver 5-1981 6-6-1981 8 11
Prince charming 9-1981 26-9-1981 17 10
Ant rap 12-1981 -
Deutscher girls 2-1982 -
Goody two shoes 4-1982 12-6-1982 8 6
Friend or foe 9-1982 23-10-1982 24 4
Desperate but not serious 11-1982 -
Puss ' n boots 10-1983 19-11-1983 25 4
Strip 12-1983 -
Apollo 9 9-1984 -
Vive le rock 7-1985 -
Room at the top 2-1990 -
Can't set rules about love 4-1990 -
Rough stuff 1990 -
Wonderful 1-1995 -
Beautiful dream 3-1995 - not released
Gotta be a sin 5-1995 -
Save the Gorillas EP 12-2003 - not released
Cool Zombie 10-2012 - not released

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