Adam Charles Clayton (March 13, 1960Oxford) is a British bass guitarist of the Irish rock band U2.

He mainly plays bass, but he also occasionally plays guitar.

Immediately upon the establishment came Adam Clayton at U2, after Larry Mullen Jr., the drummer, a note on the Bulletin Board at school had pricked in which he asked if there were people who wanted to form a band with him. According to Bono in an interview they wanted Adam to have, because he looked so tough with his full head of blond hair. The band stuck with him would be popular.

With Larry Mullen Jr. took the title song in 1996 on at the film Mission Impossible.

Much talked about was the fact that Clayton State naked on the cover of the U2 album Achtung Baby (on some prints of the cover is the picture otherwise censored with a red x over his genitals).

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