Adriano Celentano (Milan6 January 1938) is an Italian actorDirectorcomediansongwritersinger and television presenter.


[hide]*1 Biography


Adriano Celentano grew up in Milan, where he spent his first years of life lived in the Via Cristoforo Gluck 14. Later he would write about the song Il ragazzo della via Gluck(the boy by Via Gluck). His parents moved from Apulia in southern Italy to the North to find work.

In his music is Celentano strongly influenced by his idol Elvis Presley and the rise of rock and rollmusic in the 1950s. Celentano is unchanged since that time popular: he still sells many albums and he is still often on tv. In total, Celentano 41 albums released.

Celentano also made movies. These were usually a commercial success: in the 1970s and part of the 1980s he was regarded as the King of the B-movie. As an actor, he was at his best as Serafino (1968), a film directed by Pietro Germi.

Celentano Claudia Mori is married and has three children: Giacomo, Rosita and Rosalinda Celentano, known as the Satan character in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ. He currently lives with his wife in Galbiate, where he built a villa in 1994.

In total, he about 70 million albums sold.

The fifties[Edit]Edit

In the 1950s, come from the United States the Boogie-Woogie and a new style of music to world. Celentano feels immediately that this is his music. With four friends, in 1956, he starts his first band, the Rock Boys. In september 1959, Celentano a new band, I ribelli (the rebels). They debut at the Festival dell'Avanti in the Ravizza park in Milan with the song Teddy girl. During this time works Celentano for the first time with Mina Mazzini, one of the most famous popular singers of Italy. This Tigress of Cremona expresses her stamp on the record with the song Vorrei sapere perché, a rock and roll number for their written by "Il Molleggiato" (the nickname of Celentano, literally translated: "the spring loaded"). His first movie In 1959 makes Celentano: Il raggazzo del juke box (the Jukebox boy).

The sixties[Edit]Edit

In 1960 work Celentano and his Ribelli in the film La dolce vita by Federico Fellini, for which they play the song Ready Teddy . On 30 november 1960 appears Furore, the second album by Celentano. In February 1961, he took part in the Sanremo festival. Because he at that time the military is there to a special safeguard Declaration by the then Italian Minister of defence Giulio Andreotti to come in handy. Adriano sings the song at the festival Ventiquattromila baci (twenty-four thousand kisses).

Clan Celentano

The Clan Celentano is officially born with the song Stai lontano da me, with music by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Mogol (stage name of Giulio Rapetti). He takes part in the festival with this number Cantagiro.Although Celentano can be there due to injury to his foot wins the number anyway, which contributes to further 45-rpmSei rimasta sola and successes, such asAmami e baciami.

Of singer to preacher

During the period of the Clan is the success by: in 1962 he wins the Cantagiro with Pregherò, the Italian version of Stand by me " by Ben e. King. It is the first time he sings a text with a religious theme. In the years that followed he does this again with the numbers Ciao ragazzi and Chi era lui.

Because he has a fear of flying he strikes an invitation from Frank Sinatra to go to the United States . In 1966 comes Celentano after an absence of five years back on the Sanremo festival with the song Il ragazzo della via Gluck. He reaches with it just one place in the rear ranks. By the lyrics of the song, which is about Celentano's youth and also an ecological theme and construction be raised speculation, however, is a sales success. The story goes that Celentano with a different number (Nessuno mi può giudicare) would have had to participate, but that he was not convinced that this song would have success and therefore chose Il ragazzo della via Gluck. The number also arouses the interest of Pier Paolo Pasolini, who want to run a movie about the story of this. This project comes despite an encounter between Pasolini and Celentano not to implementation.


Celentano turns out well able to combine music and film. His film debut takes place in the period from 1958 to 1962. In 1961, the film was released by Serafino Pietro Germi , in which the life of Pastor Fairman Serafino is brought into the picture and that the hard fight between family members about legacy issues shows. The single of the title song La storia di Serafino is a great success. In 1985 a turning point comes with the memorable film written and directed by Joan LazyAdriano itself. To the film, which costs 20 billion lire (about 5 million euro), is eight months worked continuously, but despite this, he is in Italy do not hit. In the film, on the other hand, is a Russia stupendous success. Celentano even succeeds in spite of his fear of flying in the plane to Moscow to step in.

Claudia Mori

Celentano is a couple with Claudia Mori, actress and singer of romantic songs, from that they met until this very day. In 1964 they marry in secret, at night, in the Church of Saint Francis in Grosseto. Out of the marriage, three children: Rosita in 1965, Giacomo in 1966 and Rosalinda in 1968. In the 1980s, comes the marriage in crisis and a divorce is imminent, but the two find love again in 1985. From 1991 is Claudia Mori also General Executive manager of the Clan Celentano S.r.l., the private company in which Celentano's activities are grouped.

The seventies[Edit]Edit

In the early 1970s and Adriano comes with Viola Prisencolinensinainciusol. The last number, which will be released on november 3, 1972, is one of the strangest pieces that Celentano has created. The song, which he sings in English, a pseudo- CelentanescaPassCode of your own., conquers the world. It comes in the American charts at number 70 in the charts in Italy even before the State, something for an Italian number fairly exceptional.

In 1973 will take part again to Celentano announces the Sanremo Festival, with the song L'unica chance. However, at the last he decides not to come because of a bout of gastritis, as the official statement reads.The organizers accusing him of it to stay away for fear that the festival will draw much less visitors than usual, because according to him that year too few big names are posted. It was not until 1977 Celentano again with performances.

The eighties[Edit]Edit

In 1982 publishes Celentano with help from Maria Ripa di Meana the autobiographical book Il paradiso è un cavallo bianco che non suda mai (literally translated: paradise is a white horse that never sweat). He remains active in the film industry and plays in films such as Bingo Bongodomatoe Il bisbetico and Asso.

The nineties[Edit]Edit

Between 1987 and 1990 brings Celentano no album. In 1991, he returns with the album Il re degli ignoranti, however, that after just a few weeks from the stores is recalled because of problems with copyrights. His last film, Jackpot from 1992, turns out to be a memorable flop and even Celentano itself has there Are television show Svalutationcriticism., broadcast by RAI Tre, in 1992, however, draws more than 13 million viewers.

In 1994 goes Celentano on tour of Europe, where he is visiting Berlin . He then stops completely with performances. In 1996 the album Arrivano gli uomini comes from. The artistic concept is thought out, both the music and the confrontational texts, but the general public appreciates this is not: there are but 150,000 copies sold.

Celentano takes in 1998 along with the popular singer Mina, a friend with whom he had worked in the 1950s even though, the album Mina Celentano on, Mina's first steps into the world of light music. This production, which is collaborated by the lyricist Mogol and composer Gianni Bellawith 1.6 million copies, shows a great success. One of the songs on this album is aggia Di Che t '. The music video, in which Celentano and Mina in a cartoon to see if geese are, is frequently shown on Italian television.

The following year is Celentano's album Io non so p d'amore sold more than 2 million times, making it a true hit is. There are songs on as GelosiaL'emozione non ha voceL'arcobaleno and Senza amore of the young Carlo Mazzoni.

Recent Decades[Edit]Edit

In 2000 brings Celentano Esco di rado e parlo ancora meno and sells 1.8 million copies thereof. The album contains the number Io sono un uomo libero by Ivano Fossati. Also sings Celentano sings a duet with Nada,Il figlio del dolore. The song tells the story of a rape during the war. He also brings out the number Per averti .

Per Sempre

In 2002 Per Sempre , an album that is contributed by the team again Mogol-Bella. It contains songs like Song, mi fa male and the title song Per sempre. On this last number is just like appeared on Radio Chick"by pianist Chick Corea. On the album is also an old number, I passi che facciamo.

C ' è sempre un motivo

In 2004 the album C ' È sempre un motivo released. It contains among other things the songs Quel Cashina (Il ragazzo della via Gluck)Valeva la Pena and L'indiano written by Paolo Conte that 37 years earlier, even though the song Azzurro wrote for Celentano.


On October 20, 2005 begins on RaiUno the TV show Rockpolitik, with Celentano as presenter. The show gets high ratings with an average of 46%. The most watched episode is that with Roberto Benigni, referenced by more than 16 million people is being looked at. A performance of Il ragazzo della via gluck along with Eros Ramazzotti even has a viewing audience of nearly 70%. Other guests in the show are Gérard Depardieu,Valentino RossiFranco BattiatoRiccardo CocciantePatti Smith, the Eurythmics and Carlos Santana. On 20 november 2006 publish Celentano a book on the history of the program.


On 10 november 2006, launches Celentano a mega collection (a box set of the three cds), which collects 42 songs from 1957 to 2006. Note the presence of songs like "Miseria Nera" and "L'unica chance" that is not the most famous song from "Il Molleggiato", but that deal with the themes of extraordinary news while the one of the oldest songs of his reputation.

Also in the collection is the new duet with Paul Anka, a new version of the song "Diana" now called "Oh Diana" with text in the Italian Mogol and the same Celentano. The collection soon any success target groups: the complication is in third place in the first week include the FIMI, whereupon it almost three months in the Italian top ten state. In the last two weeks of 2006 more than 350,000 copies sold.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, there are 500,000 copies sold.

On 2 december 2006, Adriano interviewed on Rai Tre by Fabio Fazio, Che Tempo Che Fa (when the weather) is the program that happens. A unique event that is rarely seen by the unwillingness of the singer for this sort of thing. Also this time it is a great success of the ratings. The third network of Rai has received a total of 6.200.000 viewers (as shown in the data of Auditel, reported in the newspapers the next day), is an almost historical result of the network.

Dormi Amore, la situazione non e buona

Adriano on 23 november 2007 publishes the album "Dormi Amore, la situazione non e buona", the cover shows Wainer Vaccari as Boxer, designed by Adriano. The album is, nowadays usual, written by the duo Mogol and Gianni Bella. They write 5 songs from the ten (plus an extra, a kind of mix of the album), but other songs carry the signature of: Jovanotti, Neffa, Francesco Tricarico, Vincenzo Cerami and Carmen Consoli and an unpublished song by Domenico Modugno which dates back to 1974, "Boy Ragazzo del sud" on 5 november, the single "Hai Bucato La Mia Vita" was released. The song is a great success in the world of downloads, especially on iTunes. All newspapers, give positive comment of this new work by Molleggiato. The cd won 4 times Platinum with sales of 400,000 copies in a month and half, as reported by Music & Records. The 2nd song from the album, "Dormi Amore," comes on the radio for the first time on 11 January.

La Situazione Non è Buona Di Mia Sorella

On 26 november 2007 returns Celentano back with a live show in the early evening, entitled "La situazione del mia sorella non e buona" (the situation of my sister is not good), where the "sister" planet Earth means.The program was seen by 9.2 million viewers with the 33% share.

Buon Compleanno Adriano

For the celebration of its 70 anniversary and five decades of his activities, organizes Rai for Saturday, January 5, 2008 a special broadcast on the network with the title "Buon Compleanno Adriano."(happy birthday Adriano) The transmission, exclusively with reinterpretation of fragments of the past broadcasts of "Molleggiato" brings out the share of 28,65% and had the highest viewing figures of the day.

Returned after 14 years In Stadium

Adriano was in public again Saturday March 8, 2008, on the occasion of the hundredth match of Inter. "Il Molleggiato" enter into the area with a guitar in hand and scarf in "Beneamata" and begins with il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck "singing" changed in the last part of the text with politics policy. Once the action is over Inter President Massimo Moratti wait him up with an official Inter t-shirt and sing them together "Sei Rimasta Sola". "Sing with Celentano," smiled Moratti, "is like playing with Pelè: fantastic." Find the Inter-action fans, but also all Celentano-fans great. Adriano returns after a break from 14 years.

Yuppi Du in Venice

Yuppi Du is the movie after 2 years completely restored and renewed. The 1975 film, directed by Adriano Celentano, comes again at the Venice Film festival on the cloths. The world premiere of the restored and only cut off version will take place in the main hall of the Palazzo del Cinema at 10 am on 4 september, in the presence of the Director, actor, producer and writer Adriano Celentano.


on 28 november 2008 the new compilation album by Adriano from. the album called L'animale contains 28 songs, of which 14 about love, and 14 on Social Affairs. the album also contains 2 new singles: La Cura, a cover by Franco Battiato, and Sognando Chernobyl; a song about world powers that destroy the world.


Facciamo finta che sia Vero

In september 2011 word Adriano's new album announced. The album, "Facciamo Finta che sia Vero" (let's pretend it is real) comes officially out on 29 November. The first released single is "Non ti accorgevi di me" is the second single "Non so più cosa fare" and become uitgepracht on 2 december. This song word sung by Adriano, Franco BattiatoJovanotti and Giuliano Sangiorgi. Adriano also opens an official facebook page where regular videos and small news items are posted. He also gets a blog, an app and he opens a twitter account.

The Festival of San Remo 2012

On 13 december, the news was announced that Celentano as host will come over in the 62nd Edition of the Sanremo Festival. There is much fuss about the price he asks, namely 700,000 Euro. in a press conference makes Adriano confesses that this will go to charity.

In the first episode on 14 February talk Celentano on religion and politics, he finds that the priests should preach about paradise. He also criticized the Catholic newspaper Famiglia Cristiana and ' Avvenire, which it finds that this talk too much about politics, rather than about faith. This evening he sings 4 songs, Facciamo finta che sia vero(2011), Il Forestiero(1971), 13 women, and You are my sunshine.

Because of his statements "Il Molleggiato" Gets a lot of criticism by the media. the Famiglia Cristiana calls him "a little hypocritical activist, a false interpreter it the Christian morality". Adriano also donates the money they accept the way off. The Catholic press agency S.I.R talks about "senseless, ondordachte words", and says that Celentano don't know anything or understands the role of Catholic media.

The last evening, February 18, will be remembered by the protests against Celentano. He opens his monologue with criticism of the way in which media statements of the first episode have changed. He explains that he did not meant that the religious newspapers should be closed, but that he would deal with the other. He makes it clear that his intention was to "to talk about the meaning of life and death, but especially for what comes next... ". During his speech from the audience shouted "preacher there word!" and "stop!". He also sings two songs from his latest album "Facciamo finta che sia Vero"; La Cumbia di chi cambia and Ti penso e Cambia il Mondo, along with presenter and friend Gianni Morandi. The latter emotional touches. After Adriano, prematurely, are closed and off the stage monologue was Gianni Morandi said against the public: "Adriano hate nobody".

Collaboration with Gianni Morandi

"Sanremo has strengthened the friendship between me and Adriano" Gianni Morandi told 4 april in Chi in an exclusive interview. In a joint holiday they have agreed to put together a project to start. The duet that Gianni sang with Adriano during Sanremo, Ti Penso e Cambia il mondo, is re-recorded in the studio.

Rock Economy

13 June 2012 published the Clan Celentano the message that Celentano on 8 and 9 October in the Arena of Verona would give a concert, which was broadcast live on Canale 5. In the first evening, with Jean-Paul Fitoussi as a guest, Adriano was criticized that he would talk too much and too little would sing. [1although the first evening was watched by 9.2 million people. Adriano has sung primarily during the second was the only guest Gianni Morandi. 4 december 2012, a CD and DVD of the concert was released.

Television shows[Edit]Edit

  • 8-9 October 2012: Rock Economy[2on Canale 5 with various guests: for example: Gianni Morandi
  • 26 november 2007: La Situazione Di Mia Sorella Non E Buona
  • 20 October to 10 november 2005 rockpolitik
  • december 14, 2002: Uno di noi
  • 26 april to 17th March 2001: 125 milioni di
  • 7 to 28 October 1999: francamente me ne infischio
  • 2 June 1998: un po'artista un po'snop
  • december 1997 specalimente: adriano celentano
  • 8 March 1996: arrivano gli uomini
  • 18 november-9 december: adriano celentano live
  • 12 and 19 december 1992: svalutaition
  • March 1992: aspettando celentano
  • 5 november 1991: adriano celentano a notte rock
  • november 1988: il profeta della via gluck
  • 11 January 1988: celentano e poi?
  • 3 October 1987 to 6 January 1988: fantastico otto
  • 3 July 1985: tv story
  • 16 september 1979: paura di un trionfo
  • november 5, 1977: arriva il celebre (concerto alla bussola)
  • 6 april 1974: milleluci
  • 24 July to 1 June 1974: c'e celentano
  • 13 March 1972: teatro 10
  • 7 July 1969: stasera: adriano celentano
  • 8 december 1967: centodieci e lode
  • 27 March 1967: sabato sera
  • 2 October 1965: adriano clan n.2
  • april 1964: adriano clan
  • 22 december 1962: studio uno
  • 7 and 14 October 1962: alta pressione



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  • 1982 "Uel mae sae/we're gonna move"-Clan, CLN 10393
  • 1982 "Uh ... uh. ../Jungla di città"-Clan, CLN 10442
  • 1984 "Susanna/Il cantante folle"-Clan, CLN 23001
  • 1987 "Mi attrai/La luce del sole"-Clan, CLN 10786
  • 1996 - Cosi come sei
  • Arrivano gli uomini 1996 -
  • 1996 - Solo da un quarto d'ora
  • 1998 - Acqua e sale
  • 1998 - Brivido felino
  • 1998 - Che taggia dì
  • 1999 - Gelosia (canzone) |Gelosia
  • 1999 - L'emozione non ha voce
  • 1999 - L'arcobaleno
  • 2000 - Senz'amore
  • 2000 - Le pesche d'inverno
  • 2000 - Per averti (canzone) |Per averti
  • 2001 - Apri il cuore
  • 2001 - Lago rosso
  • 2001 - Quello che non ti ho detto mai
  • 2001 - Tir
  • 2002 - Song
  • 2003 - Per sempre (canzone) |Per sempre
  • 2003 - Più di un sogno
  • 2003 - Mi fa male
  • 2004 - C ' È sempre un motivo
  • 2005 - Ancora vivo
  • 2005 - Valeva la pena
  • 2005 - L'indiano (canzone) |Uscito dal 1987 -L'indiano l'unico in cd singolo
  • 2006 - Oh Diana
  • 2007 - Hai bucato la mia vita
  • 2008 - Dormi amore
  • 2008 - Fiori
  • 2008 - non sei più tu Aria of ...
  • 2008 -Sognando Chernobyl
  • 2008 -La cura
  • 2011 -Non ti accorgevi di me
  • Non so più cosa fare- 2011
  • 2012 -Ti penso e cambia il mondo
  • 2012 -La Cumbia di chi Cambia

Compilation albums/boxes[Edit]Edit

  • 1969 "Pioggia di successi"
  • 1970 "Adriano hits"
  • 1973 "La storia di uno...Adriano Celentano "
  • 1975 "Il meglio di Adriano Celentano"
  • 1979 "Antologia (' 57-' 80)"
  • 1980 "Il tempo se ne va compilation musica"
  • 1982 "Il cinema di Adriano"
  • 1983 "Le volte che Adriano è stato primo"
  • 1988 "Antologia ' 57-' 87"
  • 1992 Superbest "
  • 1995 "Alla corte del Re-mix"
  • 1997 "Le origini di Adriano Celentano vol.1"
  • 1997 "Le origini di Adriano Celentano vol.2"
  • 2000 "Questa è la storia di uno di noi (cofanetto)"
  • 2001 "Il cuore, la voce"
  • 2003 "Tutte le volte che Adriano è stato primo"
  • 2003 "TRE (cofanetto)"
  • 2006 "Unicamentecelentano"
  • 2008 "L'animale"

Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Prisencolinensinainciusol 742 764 750 642 860 1234 893 871 1823 1690 1836

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