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Adventures In Middle America Vol. II:Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

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Artist: Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Date Released: 2005

Label: Self-Released

Produced By: Jason Trachtenburg


  1. (Theme From) Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Vol. II (All Night)
  2. Don't You Know What I Mean
  3. Untitled (When You See The Slide Sing It)
  4. Singing A Song
  5. Beautiful Dandelion
  6. Military Open-Mic Night
  7. Middle America
  8. Look At Me
  9. Slideshowers In Paradise
  10. (It Must Be) Somebody's Birthday


Last night I had a dream where I was at a Trachtenburgs show, front and center, and near the end of the show, Jason recognized me and asked me to come up to introduce the band. I started by telling the crowd how I first got into them about 2 months before they moved to NYC, and spent that two months, following them around and basically stalking them. Jason glared at me when I said that, and so I sort of stuttered out a "well, you know, going to all the shows and all" and quickly went into the actual introductions, starting with Tina Piña Trachtenburg, then going to Rachel. This is the second album; it's self-released right now, but I would assume that it'll come out on Bar/None or some similar label next year. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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