Label: Inscape / Discovery

Produced By: DEVO


  1. DEVO (as the Smart Patrol) - Theme From Adventures Of The Smart Patrol
  2. DEVO (as the Smart Patrol) - That's What He Said
  3. DEVO - Mechanical Man
  4. Mark Mothersbaugh - U Got Me Bugged
  5. Brian Applegate / Reload - 34C
  6. Scott V. Orsi - The Spirit Of JFK
  7. DEVO - Peek-A-Boo!
  8. DEVO - Beautiful World
  9. DEVO - Whip It
  10. DEVO - Freedom Of Choice
  11. DEVO - Jocko Homo


This is the soundtrack to DEVO's CD-Rom "Game" Adventures Of The Smart Patrol. And, well, the "game" wasn't, but the soundtrack is still pretty cool. It's got some new DEVO stuff (under the guise of The Smart Patrol, from the game), some tracks from friends of DEVO (Scott V. Orsi and Reload (a/k/a Brian Applegate), and a bunch of old DEVO stuff. The old DEVO stuff I'm not sure if we need—it's been on fifty billion other discs, but it IS good. The new songs are pretty cool—I adore "The Spirit Of JFK" and "That's What He Said". Theme From Adventures Of The Smart Patrol is basically what DEVO would play before the New Tradtionalists tour, so that's cool to have on CD, and hey, I love "U Got Me Bugged", which is basically new Mark Mothersbaugh (as Booji Boy) vocals over the old backing tracks, as far as I can tell. Which is aces with me. Anyway, though, it's a bit hard to find, but it's probably worth picking up for the first half of the disc. Second half, eh. Unless you don't have any of that stuff yet, in which case, um, where have you been? - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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