After 6pm
Studio album by John Ozbay
Released September 27, 2013
Genre Classical / Soundtrack
Length 32:34
John Ozbay chronology
After 6pm




After 6pm is the first studio album by composer and producer John Ozbay released on September 27, 2013.

Composed and recorded in an apartment/music studio uptown NYC, originally owned by the pianist/french hornist Chris Komer. The album is the result of spending 3 months in the exposed brick uptown apartment, with a Yamaha C5 grand piano, every day after 6pm. The album has an unbalanced and mysterious sound to it, all thanks to the unique acoustics in the apartment.

Since its original release, album has reached a broad audience from multiple countries all over the world.

Track listings Edit

  1. Uno
  2. Cold Distant Island
  3. Underground Teardrops
  4. The Breakfast With Hope
  5. Nasonova
  6. After 6pm
  7. 116th and Broadway
  8. End of August

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