After the Gold Rush is the third studio album by Neil Young. It became by Reprise Records released on september 19, 1970 . In Netherlands kicked the singles "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" and "Oh Lonesome Me" it to the charts. Also the song "Southern Man", an indictment of the ins and outs of the Ku Klux Klan, became a classic in the oeuvre of the Canadian. At the time of the appearance of After the Gold Rush Neil Young was also a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.


All songs written by Neil Young, except the written by Don Gibson "Oh, Lonesome Me".

After The Gold Rush
Nr. Title Duration
1. Tell Me Why   2: 54
2. After the Gold Rush   3: 45
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart   3: 05
4. Southern Man   5: 41
5. Till the Morning Comes   1: 17
6. Oh, Lonesome Me   3: 47
7. Don't Let It Bring You Down   2: 56
8. Birds   2: 34
9. When You Dance I Can Really Love   3: 44
10. I Believe in You   2: 24
11. Cripple Creek Ferry   1: 34
33: 14 [1]

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