Eyeshine - Afterglow
Compilation album by Eyeshine
Released January 19, 2011
Genre Rock
Edge Rock
Indie Rock
Length 57:56
1:07:39 (CD version)
Language English
Label Independent
Producer Johnny Yong Bosch
Lyrics Lyrics Wiki
Eyeshine chronology
Tone of Echoes (2010) Afterglow (2011) XMAS (2011)

Afterglow is an acoustic album by edge rock band Eyeshine, released on January 19, 2011. It includes acoustic versions of their previous work in addition to four new tracks. Spoof track "The Teddy Bear That Eats You" was included due to fan request. Eyeshine also included two bonus tracks to the delayed physical album release.


Track Song Writer(s) Length
1 Tearing Away (Acoustic) [feat. Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll] Johnny Yong Bosch 4:17
2 Jumpstart (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 2:54
3 Something More (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 3:47
4 Fighting (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 3:17
5 Dance With the Angels (Piano Take) Johnny Yong Bosch 3:30
6 Let It Out (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 2:37
7 Afterglow Johnny Yong Bosch 4:33
8 Shape My Heart Johnny Yong Bosch 3:55
9 My Last Breath (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 4:46
10 Summertime (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 3:13
11 Waterfall (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 4:38
12 Alone (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 4:29
13 Soul Divide Johnny Yong Bosch 3:50
14 Here Comes the End Again (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 2:55
15 Sunday Flower (Acoustic) Johnny Yong Bosch 2:51
16 The Teddy Bear That Eats You Johnny Yong Bosch 2:29

Our Whole Lives Tonight (Acoustic)

  • Bonus CD track
Johnny Yong Bosch 4:37

Silverstar (Acoustic)

  • Bonus CD track
Johnny Yong Bosch 5:07


All information is taken from the CD.


  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Maurice Salmin - Drums, Piano, Back Vocals, Guitar Case
  • Crystal Mesina - Bass
  • Eddie Colmenares - Lead Guitar
  • Ji Ho "Daniel" Lee - Lead Guitar


  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Melody, Lyrics, & Composition
  • Aimee Hamel - Violins
  • Nicole Richardson - Violins
  • Zhu Ye - Cello
  • The Seahorse Choir - Additional Vocals
  • Eyeshine - Music
  • Tearing Away -
    • Guest Vocals by Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll
    • Orchestral Arrangements by Jason Rufuss Senell of One-Eyed Doll
    • Recorded at Nebulost Productions by Jason Rufuss Sewell

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