Against All Odds VOL.1
Mixtape by Killa Keem
Released 8/8/08
Recorded March-August 2008
Genre Rap
Label Grump House Inc, DMG, SB
Producer DJ Swift
Killa Keem chronology

Against All Odds VOL.1 is the debut mixtape by Kapital K (known as Killa Keem back then). It was released on 8/8/08 on KB Recordz.

Guest AppearancesEdit

The guests on the CD are Chris Lemar, YG Vicious, GAZA, Harizzy, BiGG T and Exampl.


  1. Cold As Ice
  2. By Ur Side
  3. Gossip
  4. Pound 4 Pound feat.Chris Lemar (as Chris Burch)
  5. P.M.W (Kayla's Dedication)
  6. 1Blood feat.Harizzy, GAZA & BiGG T
  7. We On The Rize feat.Harizzy
  8. U Already Know feat.Harizzy
  9. Cold As Ice Remix feat.YG Vicious
  10. Pound 4 Pound Remix feat.Exampl

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