Agharti is a Croatian metal band formed in spring 2009 by the current six members. Due to the difference in their musical influences including grunge, rock and all kinds of metal bands, Agharti has a sound that merges several genres and is not so easy to classify. Most of the music is composed by Alen, Tina and Iva and arranged by the whole band, while the lyrics are written by Tina and Iva.

In spring 2010 Agharti presented their first demo album '...thoughts of a sleepless night...' consisting of 12 tracks, from which some can still be heard live. In May 2010 they won the first prize on a demo bands contest: a studio recording of a single. In March 2011 they played as a support band for Epica, a Dutch symphonic metal band and they got a lot of positive feedback from the critics. They also won the O'Rock demo competition in October 2011. In November 2011 their first professionally recorded demo single is out under the name: 'Away from here' featuring three new songs: Away from here, Lost, The end of your domination. Some other notable gigs they played were Metal Camp 2010 in Slovenia and Metalfest 2012 in Croatia.

In summer 2012 they signed with Wormholedeath records and they spent October in Italy recording their first 13-track studio album titled CHANGE.

The album was released on 10 September on the digital markets, on 23 October in Japan and on 12 November 2013 in Europe.

Line up Edit

Tina Bukić - vocals
Alen Mršić - guitars
Filip Pohanić - guitars
Ivana Mrduljaš - keyboards
Hrvoje Grubač - bass
Marko Duspara - drums

Discography Edit

Change (2013)

1. The Voice of freedom  
2. The Sky is Falling
3. Lost
4. Away from Here
5. Fallen
6. End of your Domination
7. The Voice of Compassion  
8. Mendacity
9. Rise Again
10. Words Unspoken
11. Awaken
12. To a Friend
13. The Voice of Change

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