Aimee Mann (Richmond (Virginia)september 8, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter. After they years had remained relatively unknown to the general public came her career gained momentum in 1999 when her music was used for the soundtrack of the film Magnolia .

In the 1980s was the leadsinger and Mann bass player of the new waveband 'til Tuesday. In 1985 the band broke through with their debut album, Voices Carry.The title song was frequently played on MTV and became a hit in the United States. Mann developed hereafter to the main song writer of the band. 'Til Tuesdayreleased two more albums, Welcome Home from 1986 and Everythings Different Now from 1988. Around 1990 the band fell apart, after which Mann a solo career.Also in 1987 she sang along to the number Time Stands Still being released on the studio album Hold Your Fire by the Canadian band Rush.

In 1993 , she released her first solo album out, Whatever . On this album she combined the pop music by 'til Tuesday with more to folk sounding songs. The album received positive reviews, but was not a great commercial success. In 1995 , she scored a minor hit with the song "that's Just What You Are", after this on thesoundtrack of the popular television series "Melrose Place" was published.

Right before they wanted to release her second album that year, her record label Image became bankrupt. She decided to release the album on a different label, but refused to let go of her and the album Image. During whole 1995 she was involved in a long legal battle against Image. In the fall of 1995, her second album,I'm With Stupid. This album was also despite the positive reviews do not hit. In 1997 married Aimee Mann with the singer-songwriter Michael Penn.

Also her third album Bachelor No. 2 fared not much better. The record company gave to no commercial success in to see and refuses to bring it out. Mann got on and started in 1999 along with Michael Hausman, former fellow Member of 'til Tuesday, the label SuperEgo Records. They sold her in future only at concerts and CDs via the Internet.

Director Paul Thomas Andersonearly In 1999, who had previously worked with her husband Michael Penn, or she wanted to contribute to the soundtrack of his latest film, Magnolia. The eight songs that they recorded for the soundtrack received prominent attention in the film. Especially the song "Wise Up" impressed in a scene in which all the main characters of the film with the song sing along. Another song, "Save Me" was even nominated for an Oscar.

Thanks to this attention was her breakthrough a fact. Bachelor No. 2 was from 2000 also available in record stores. In 2001 , Mann in a sold out Melkweg and played them on Rock Werchter. Along with Penn and Hausman United Musicians on, she founded a movement that is based on the principle that every artist has the right to the copyright of every work that he or she has created. Among other Pete Dry and Bob Mouldjoined. They also began the Acoustic Vaudeville Tour, in which she and fellow singer-songwriters and jointly stand comedians along small theatres pulled. In 2002 she released her fourth album, the Lost in Space, what gloomy that an extension of Bachelor No. 2. In 2005 followed the concept album The Forgotten Arm, produced by Joe Henry. To promote this album did Mann that year also Paradiso in Amsterdam.

In the fall of 2006, Mann One More Drifter In the Snow , a Christmas album with a lot of classics such as White Christmas and Walking In a Winter Wonderland, but also with two private new compositions Calling on Mary and Christmastime. In June 2008, @ #% & *! Smilers, for which she received rave reviews from mostly. On October 20, 2008, Mann in the Amsterdam Melkweg.



# Year Title Comments
with The Young Snakes
1 1981 Bark along EP
2 2004 Aimee Mann & the Young Snakes compilation album
with 'til Tuesday
1 1985 Voices Carry
2 1986 Welcome Home
3 1988 Everythings different now
4 1996 Coming up close: a retrospective compilation album
1 1993 Whatever
2 1995 I'm With Stupid
3 1999 Magnolia original soundtrack
4 2000 Bachelor No. 2
5 2000 Ultimate Collection compilation album
6 2002 Lost in Space
7 2004 Live at St. Ann's Warehouse + dvd
8 2005 The Forgotten Arm
9 2006 One More Drifter in the Snow
10 2008 @ #% & *! Smilers
11 2012 Charmer
  • She is also featured on ' Time stand still ', a track from the ' Hold your fire'-album of the Canadian trio Rush

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