Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Brookyln, NY

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  • [[Devendra Banhar
  • [[Angels of Ligh
  • [[Dirty Projector
  • [[Joan of Ar

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In 2002, the four Brooklynites via rural America that make up the Akron/Family decided to hole themselves up in a small apartment to create the music they heard in their head. The resulting material discovered by ex-[[Swan, current [[Angels of Ligh and [[Young God Record founder [[Michael Gir, about three albums worth, was a combination of influences, experiments and a whole lot of mistakes. These musical blunders however are the cornerstone of the Akron/Family's sound which is easily summed up as post-everything freak-folk with a heavy dose of psychedelic pop, estranged electronics and [[lo-f warmness. Their 2005 debut self-titled album for Young God is a cesspool of acoustic folk that seems to improvise in a strategic manner, experiment with utmost care, completely fall apart on purpose, hum, gurgle, inspire, regret, accomplish in its mistakes, embrace and mock itself at the same time. Though fourteen songs long, [[Akron/Family:Akron/Family|Akron/Famil sounds as if it is dozens of ideas carefully spliced together in a raucous yet flowing manner. Later in the year, the pseudo-Family released a split with [[Angels of Ligh that upholds their previously established itinerary but with considerably more volume and tempo. This time, they interlace modal free-punk explosions between whispering murmurs of music and anthemic choruses as if to raise the eclectic bar even farther. Akron/Family's music is multi-faceted to put it lightly; but the genius of the band is how the construct their seemingly unfitting jigsaw pieces into a three-dimensional cottage of humbled walls and broken windows.



  • [[Akron/Family:Akron/Family|Akron/Famil 2005 (Young God)
  • [[Akron/Family & Angels of Light:Akron/Family & Angels of Light|Akron/Family & Angels of Ligh 2005 (Young God)



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