Full Name: Rev. Albert Greene

Born: April 13, 1946

Home: Forest City, AR / Memphis, TN

Website Link(s): Official Site


  • Vocals




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Musician BiographyEdit

Al Green is one of the most reknowned voices of Soul and R&B as well as Gospel music. Even his secular music tends to have a religious theme, most notably the baptismal theme of Take Me To The River (also known through Talking Heads' cover). In the 1970s, he had an incident where his girlfriend poured boiling grits on him in the shower, and then killed herself in the adjacent room, which shook him and drove him back to Christianity -- though it wasn't until the late 1970s when he started doing gospel albums almost exclusively. In the 2000s, however, he reteamed with Willie Mitchell for a couple of records on Blue Note, which were well-received and secular. For more than a decade he performed on the Hi Records label, which was owned by Joe & Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum Records. He was lined by El Robinson, the Robinson's son who brought Green out of his Ministry to perform with Willie Mitchell after Mitchell was ill. The collabration brought I Can't Stop which followed Everything Is Alright and then Lay it Down which gave Green four Grammys.



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