Artist: WeSafari

Date Released:

Label: OpAmp

Produced By:



It doesn’t matter if you are reviewing new albums by 10 of your favorite artists, the most surprising and fascinating records are always the debut album by some unknown band from some unknown place. This time it is the brainchild of Rick Wright (interestingly enough the brother of Andy Wright, a founding member of punk band Anti-Flag), simply known as WeSafari. By blending electronic and acoustic elements (not a new concept, but definitely not easy to pull off), they have created what they dub a “Space Tundra: post-rock with electronic sensibility.” This translates to lengthy, well-developed and delicate pop songs that are made up of complex arrangements and crafty layering. In fact the album was recorded in 10 different locations and features 63 different instruments, which includes everything from trumpets and nyckleharpes to beatboxing and mailing tubes. The final result is an enchanting debut album from an extremely promising band, think Menomena meets Radiohead. Michael Ardaiolo

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